When you are going camping, you need the best camping knife under 50 in 2022 to handle any critical situation. There are several camping knives on the market enough to get you confused. Hence, it might be challenging to select the model that meets your needs. 

We know how confusing it is to select a camping knife among many options in the market; this is why we reviewed some excellent products on the market. With this review, you can narrow down your options to select the right camping knife.

Best 7 Camping Knife Under 50

1. Kershaw Clash Pocket Knife

The Kershaw’s black clash is one of the best camping knife under 50 in 2022 that offers style and functionality. It has a blade of 3.1 inches made from top-performance, precision heat-treated stainless steel. The benefit of this material make-up is that it has maximum toughness, is resistant to wear and tear, and has edge retention.

It is easier to cut through tough materials when camping because it comes with a precise belly recurve and a drop-point knife blade that gives top-notch slicing capacity. In addition, this camping knife’s blade comes with a black-oxide coating, which improves its corrosion resistance, alongside featuring a non-reflective appearance.

The last thing you need is your camping knife slipping out of your hands, and Kershaw has this covered. This knife comes with nylon, glass-filled handle scales that gives a solid grip and a mild contour that sits properly in your hand.

Also, you can easily open this knife by drawing back on the flipper, which is one of the features of SpeedSafe assisted-opening. There is a blade lockup to prevent accidental injuries, and a safe locking liner provides it.

Furthermore, this camping knife has several carrying options because of the reversible pocket slip it has. Hence, according to your preference, the clip can be adjusted to any position. When this knife was constructed, the user’s convenience was the primary consideration.

If you are looking to buy a safe, solid, lightweight, and easy-to-use camping knife, the Kershaw clash pocket knife is a good option.


  • This camping knife has good edge retention, which most camping knives don’t have
  • It is resistant to all forms of wear and tear, which increases its durability
  • It comes with a sharp edge that is not easily blunt
  • It comes with a speed-safe opening system that prevents accidental injuries


  • The blade could easily chip


Not all knives come with a safe opening system that prevents you from hurting yourself. However, the Kershaw clash pocket knife was made with your safety and convenience in mind.

2. Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife

The Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife is a 4.1 inches fixed blade made with stainless steel. This is the camping knife you can rely on when things get tough during camping. For outdoor lovers, campers, hunters, and bushcrafters, it is a solid tool that can perform various functions.

First off, this camping knife is one of the smallest on the market, making it portable for use. The entire length of this knife is 9.38 inches, and it has a lightweight of 4.8 ounces. The primary reason why it has a strong high-carbon blade is that it was used to complement the blade’s lightweight and small size.

This camping knife offers you solid grip support because of its rubber handle; hence, it would hardly slip from your hand because it would sit properly. In addition, this best fixed blade knife under 50 comes with two major designs to select from. You can decide to select either the discreet camouflage model or the bright orange type.

However, whichever knife you opt for, be assured of its long-term use. Also, each of the knives comes with a plastic sheath and a belt clip. If you don’t go on regular camping or hiking expeditions, this camping knife is ideal for you.

The high-carbon blade is durable, and its lightness allows the user to carry it about easily. In addition, it is necessary to mention that this knife is manufactured by Morakniv, a Swedish brand notable for producing high-quality knives of all models.


  • It has a high-carbon steel blade manufactured in Sweden
  • It comes with a large handle that offers profound grip support
  • There are two color designs to select from
  • It is lightweight and small, making it easy to carry


  • It comes with a smaller blade than regular camping knives on the market


Some campers don’t like spending much on camping knives because they don’t camp often. The Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife is an ideal option because it is inexpensive and unsuitable for everyday use.

3. Ontario Air Force Survival Knife

The Ontario 499 camping knife is one of the best hunting knife under 50 that offers good value for money. This camping knife comes with a plain edge blade of 5-inches and a 17-inches thickness. 

A Zinc phosphate coating runs through the solid high-carbon steel to offer protection from rust. One of this camping knife’s unique and loveable features is the brown leather handle, which is 4.5 inches long.

This camping knife has a total length of 9 inches which is ideal for a camping knife. It is also important to mention that the handle of this knife is made from micarta, while the blade is from 1905 carbon steel. You can remove the handle and fix it back anytime you want.

Interestingly, the Ontario 499 camping knife was manufactured to be durable and versatile in function; this is why it is useful for almost any camp activity. If you want to slice through anything effortlessly, this camping knife is your best bet as it comes with sharp edges to facilitate this.


  • It has a very sharp blade. Also, it is properly balanced
  • The blade of this camping knife can be easily sharpened
  • It comes with a fitting belt clip that can be removed
  • It has a sturdy and durable construction


  • It is quite challenging to draw the knife from its sheath


The Ontario 499 has a durable build which makes it versatile for almost any camp activity

4. Smith and Wesson Blade Knife

If you need one of the best fixed blade knife under 50 that comes with top-quality and durability, you can rely on the Smith and Wesson fixed blade knife. This camping knife comes with several features that ensure it serves you year in, year out. It is vital to mention that the manufacturers of this camping knife are focused on producing knives that can help out in any situation.

During camping expeditions, emergencies might occur that would warrant the use of a knife. For instance, if you have to fend off a wild animal while camping, a normal kitchen knife is useless. However, using a well-fortified camping knife like this high-carbon fixed blade knife will prove useful.

This camping knife comes with a peculiar arrow-model blade and two sharp edges. One of the incredible strengths of this camping knife is its blade. This blade is manufactured from high-carbon stainless steel, which implies that it is sharp, resistant to rust, and can serve as an additional weapon.

Another feature you would love about this camping knife is removing it from its sheath easily. This ease of use makes it stand out from conventional camping knives. No one wants to use a knife that they cannot easily pull out when emergencies occur. For everyday use, particularly camping and hiking activities, you would find this knife useful.

Lastly, this camping knife comes in two styles: Folding and fixed-blade. So, you can decide to select the suitable one that meets your requirements.


  • This camping knife is a good tool for self-defense
  • The blade is very sharp and useful for cutting or slicing almost anything
  • It comes with a very durable clip
  • It has a secure leather sheath that firmly holds the knife in place


  • Sometimes, it might be not easy to sharpen the knife’s edge


One of the reasons why this camping knife is great is because of its blade’s remarkable strength, which makes it superior to most on the market

5. Schrade Frontier Fixed Blade Knife

Another lovely camping knife you can get for a smooth camping expedition is the Schrade Frontier Fixed Blade Knife. If you are a lover of a long knife, you will like this model because it is slightly longer than other regular camping knives. Another interesting fact about this camping knife is it is reasonably priced than other camping knives.

The blade of the Schrade Frontier is made from 1095 Powder-coated high carbon steel. It is combined with the handle, which is the thermoplastic elastomer type. In addition, this camping knife comes with a ring texture handle, finger choil, and lanyard hole. All these features and more gives this camping knife a good look and make it useable.

Also, this camping knife comes with a polyester belt sheath that makes it easy to access your knife. Hence, during emergencies, it would be effortless to reach for your knife and use it. The knife’s finger choil prevents the blade from slipping on you, making it safer for you to use.

The manufacturer of this camping knife has a good reputation for creating knives that are solid companions for any activity like camping, hiking, kitchen work, etc. This model is also not an exception when it comes to quality and performance.


  • It has a solid full-tang construction that contributes to its durability
  • It can be easily sharpened to perform any heavy-duty task
  • It comes with a rubberized grip that ensures it sits well in your hand comfortably
  • It has extra accessories like a fire-starter kit and a sharpening stone


  • Its black coating is very thick


The Schrade Frontier Fixed Blade Knife is a long camping knife that is great for camping. The fact that it comes with lots of accessories makes it a worthy option to purchase

6. Kershaw Chill Pocket Knife

If you need the best survival knife under 50, this camping knife should be one of your options. The Kershaw Chill Everyday Carry Pocket Knife proves that you don’t have to spend much before getting quality.

In addition, this camping knife is lightweight which is backpacker-approved, thus making it convenient for you to carry about. This camping knife has a good grip thanks to its G-10 handle; this feature makes the knife sit well in your hand without slipping off.

The blade of this camping knife has good edge-retention and is resistant to rusting. It also comes with a manual-washer opening system. You will also discover that the knife comes with a reversible pocket clip that provides more comfort in transit.

Furthermore, this backpacking knife is an ideal mix of aesthetics and functionality. It has a great and fashionable design complemented by the ability to handle several tasks effortlessly.

The Kershaw Chill has a secure locking system constituting two steel plates located in the interior of each handle scale. The secure locking system functions by securing the blade and preventing unplanned blade closure.

To fold the blade into the handle, apply a manual force that will move the lock bar.


  • It comes at a very affordable price providing top value
  • It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around
  • It has a G-10 handle that ensures durability


  • It has a thin handle design that might be difficult for those who have bigger hands


The Kershaw Chill Everyday Carry Pocket Knife is a beautiful camping knife that offers great quality to its users.

7. Morakniv Companion Spark Outdoor Knife

The Morakniv Companion Spark Outdoor Knife is a versatile camping knife that is great for outdoor and camping enthusiasts. The camping knife is ideal for performing various camping activities like food preparation, cutting wood and tinder, carving, lighting campfires.

In addition, the camping knife has a 12C27 stainless-steel blade that has edge retention and retains its sharpness longer than regular carbon steels. It is interesting to mention that it is rust-resistant.

Also, it has an anti-slip rubber slip and high-friction grip that stays comfortably in your hand. This helps to ensure safety and control. It also has an incorporated fire starter which twist-locks into its handle.


  • It is a versatile camping knife that can be used for various activities
  • It has a good grip that sits well in your hands
  • The sharpness retention of this knife is top-notch
  • It is a durable camping knife that can serve you for years


  • It doesn’t have a full tang construction


The Morakniv Outdoor Knife provides users with optimum comfort because of its anti-slip rubber slip and high-function slip

Buying Guide for the best camping knife under 50

To make the right choice when buying a camping knife under 50, you need to know the vital features before getting them.

Steel type

The steel’s hardness determines how strong the knife will be. You can easily sharpen stainless steel, and it doesn’t corrode fast, retaining its sharpness optimally. If you were doing some heavy-duty camping activities, it would be best to go for carbon steel because it is strong, and you often don’t have to sharpen it often.

Sometimes, camping knife blades combine silicon, manganese, vanadium, chromium, and carbon. Chromium ensure the knife is resistant to wear and corrosion while carbon increases the knife’s hardness.


Some people overlook the weight of a camping knife until they are camping and realize the knife is heavy. It is best to get a blade that has increased thickness and weight that can perform heavy-duty tasks. Advisably, go for a camping knife with moderate blade length and medium weight that can achieve any task.

Edge retention

The edge retention feature tells you that the blade’s steel can maintain its edge without regular sharpening. It would be better to get a camping knife whose blade doesn’t get blunt every time.

Handle type

When you have good control over your knife, it would be easier to perform any task. Get a knife with a good handle that gives a firm grip. When it comes to the handle shape, it is better to get the rounded one because it is more comfortable and reduces the chances of getting blisters when cutting.

Folding or fixed-blade knife

Folding knives are great if you are not actually camping. On the other hand, several campers prefer fixed blade knives because they provide profound strength and safety. Fixed blade knives cannot fold back and cut you.

Asides from the accidental closing of folding knives, they can break or get stuck, which can cause injury. If you prefer to carry a tool easily, the fixed-blade knife is your best bet. The primary reason why fixed-blade knives are stronger than folding knives is that there are no moving parts.

Serrated or non-serrated edges

Even though most serrated knives look attractive, the non-serrated ones are more effective. If you can perform an activity with a serrated knife, the non-serrated one would serve you better. One of the downsides of serrated knives is that they are hard to sharpen, unlike their counterparts that can easily be sharpened.

Sheath type

You need to consider the sheath type because the knife will effectively serve its purpose depending on how you can carry it. Leather sheaths provide a protective layer, but the disadvantage of using it is, it promotes corrosion.

It is advisable to get sheaths made from Kydex. Kydex is made from heat-molded plastic, which retains the blade by covering the top. You can also get a sheath that keeps the knife safely beneath your bet. If you fall, you are protected because of the sheath’s positioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sharpen my camping knife?

The process of sharpening a camping knife is a crucial skill that must be learned to avoid damaging your knife. You can use a whetstone to sharpen your knife or an electric sharpener. Sharpening your camping knife is not difficult, but you need to exercise patience and practice more.

If you are going camping, it is best to take a convenient sharpener with you to handle emergencies if your camping knife gets blunt during an activity.

How can I clean my camping knife?

Since camping knives are used outdoors, they will get dirty, and you have to clean them. The cleaning process is simple, but if the knife’s blade isn’t stainless steel, you have to clean often. To properly clean a camping knife, rinse in hot water. Then use a block of soap to scrub clean. You have to ensure the soap is mild so that it won’t affect your knife.

When you are done cleaning the knife, use a dry towel to remove the remaining moisture. Do not let the knife dry on its own because the moisture can cause corrosion which should be avoided at all costs.

When getting a camping knife, what accessories should I expect?

Some people look out for accessories before getting a camping knife, and it’s fine. One of the common accessories to check is the sheath. Also, lookout for a ferrite rod. A ferrite rod helps you start a fire, and sometimes they are included in a camping knife’s skit.

Also, some camping knives come with a sharpening stone that keeps the blade’s edge properly honed. These sharpening stones are portable and easy to carry about. You can find other items like compass, paracord, matches, etc.

Is it legal to get camping knives?

Camping knives are legal, but you have to confirm if it is allowed in your state. In addition, some varieties of camping knives might be considered illegal, like ballistic knives, daggers, etc.


A camping knife is an essential inclusion in camping gear. Without a camping knife, it would be impossible to perform some tasks, and you might be stranded all through. When you are in critical situations where you have to save your life, you need a good camping knife with the right features and accessories.

After reading the reviews and buying guide, we are certain it would not be challenging for you to select the best camping knife under 50 in 2022 for your camping expeditions.