If you are one of those who loves camping expeditions, you will know the importance of having all the necessary camping items for a smooth outing. One of such items you need to have in your camping gear is the Best Camping Table in 2022.

The prospective challenge buyers face when they want to buy a camping table is knowing the ideal one. Hence, we have outlined some fantastic models that will act as a guideline for you when choosing.

Best 10 Camping Tables in 2022

1. GCI Outdoor Cook Station

If you plan to cook during your camping expeditions, you need a camping table that provides you with convenience amidst other functionalities. The GCI Outdoor is a product of innovation as it is a reliable and easy-to-use cook station that is perfect for any camping outing. This camping table is an excellent cook station with the essential kitchen utilities needed to prepare any meal.

It is a foldable and portable cook station made with a steel frame, and it has an aluminum counter-top. Also, it comes with storage space and four plastic side tables for keeping mini kitchen items. The aluminum counter-top is heat-resistant; this means that it cannot get damaged anytime soon. Also, it can hold up to 48 pounds of food or any equipment.

With this best camping table in 2022, you will realize that you don’t need in-built cupholders or a portable camping kitchen table as you can place all your prepared food in a buffet style. If you are preparing food for a sizeable number of people, you don’t have to worry because there are four extra tabletops, each with a capacity of 30 pounds.

Also, there are storage spaces for kitchen utensils, drinks, and trash bags. Some handles make transportation very easy. Overall, even if you have several people coming around for camping, you have nothing to worry about because there will be food for everyone.


  • The tabletop is heat-resistant
  • It is highly durable
  • There are racks and ample storage space


  • It is heavy


If you have many friends who want to go camping with you, the GCI outdoor cook station is excellent to provide food for everyone.

2. Stansport Picnic Table

Do you need a foldable table that is resistant to any weather of element? The Stansport picnic table is what you need for this purpose. This wood camping table is all you need to have a smooth camping experience as it makes the entire process of food preparation worthwhile.

It would interest you to know that this camping table comes with four attached seats and is made from a tough aluminum-frame and high-density polyethylene. This makes it resistant to elements of weather like rain and environmental constraints like scratches and stains.

In addition, this camping table is spacious, and with four chairs, you can conveniently feed a group of four friends during your camping outing. Another outstanding feature is the umbrella that this camping table comes with. The umbrella goes through the hole engraved in the middle of the table. This means that if it is sunny, you and your friends are protected. And if there is rain, you have nothing to worry about.

Interestingly, this table’s height can be adjusted, and this is not what you will find with other camping tables. The exciting part is this table offers you good value for your money as you are guaranteed to use it for a long time.


  • It comes with an umbrella
  • There are four seats in the product’s package
  • The height can be adjusted


  • It is quite heavy


The fact that the camping table can be adjusted is one of its outstanding features because not all tables have this.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Dining

The ALPS Mountaineering dining table is the ideal table for your outdoor engagements as it comes in three different sizes. Its fold-up top is made from aluminum, which ensures its durability and protects it from ultraviolet light, potentially harmful. When this camping table is folded out, it creates the ideal multipurpose camping table. Similarly, the frame fold and tabletop can be folded quickly and slid effortlessly into a fitting carry bag.

This camping table has x-frame legs that prevent the table from toppling over and spilling your meals and drinks for stability purposes. This camping table is rugged and lightweight, and you are assured of using it for years to come.

When you set out on your camping journey, you will not feel the weight of this camping table because of its portability and make-up. Hence, you will not get tired or feel burdened alongside with your camping gear.


  • It is portable and lightweight
  • It is easy to setup
  • There is enough space for your food and other items


  • It is quite expensive


This camping table can be easily foldable, and that’s a testament to its portability.

4. REDCAMP Folding Camping Table

One of the great camping table options on the market that you won’t regret buying. The Redcamp folding camping table is a foldable table that provides convenience and portability. This table comes with one of the largest surfaces among other camping tables on the market. The handle is neatly attached to it, and you can easily fold it in or spread it out depending on its current use.

The surprising fact about this camping table is its lightweight; most people think it is heavy. However, it is far from that as it weighs around 9.3 pounds. As for its weight capacity, it is 70 pounds. This means that this camping table can conveniently accommodate more than breakfast.

This table comes in two lengths varieties: 15 inches and 28 inches; these lengths make it ideal for different tasks both indoors and outdoors. The make-up of the tabletop is with medium-density fiberboard, which makes it easy to clean.

The frame of this camping table is made from an alloy of aluminum, which makes it weatherproof and durable.


  • The legs can be adjusted
  • It comes with a suitable weight/size ratio
  • It has a durable frame


  • The top is not durable


If you need a camping table that has a large surface, you should opt for this product.

5. Lifetime Craft Camping Table

The Lifetime craft camping table is one of the few tables on the market that provides you with a large surface area for most of your needs. With this table, you can put lots of items on it conveniently. Another worthy feature is the presence of three adjustable heights: 24, 29, and 36 inches. Hence, whatever your height is, you can sit comfortably at the table.

Another feature that contributes to its convenience is its foldable ability. You can fold this table in half and carry it like a portfolio. With this feature, you can easily install and disassemble this camping table, saving you more time to undertake other camping necessities.

The Lifetime craft camping table is not lightweight, but it is one of the best around. If you have a van, it would be easy to carry about. All you need to do is bring it down from the van and install it. It is correct to say that this camping table is ideal for many people who want to go camping together.

You can count on this camping table to last for years because it is made with powder-coated steel, making it resistant to weather and environmental factors.


  • It comes with three adjustable heights
  • It can be folded and carried about easily
  • It is durable


  • The table is heavy


If you don’t mind the weight, this camping table is an excellent choice for you because of its durability and capacity to accommodate several people.

6. iClimb Light Compact Folding Table

If you seek uniqueness when getting a camping table, the iClimb folding table is one of the best options to select. This camping table comes with a distinct connecting structure. You can place the tables on the other, and it would not collapse.

Another fantastic feature about this light weight portable table is its portability, which provides ample convenience. If you are carrying it, you might not be conscious of it because it is very light. It weighs 3.1 pounds, and you can fold it into your camping gear conveniently. The frame of this camping is made with durable and lightweight aluminum.

You might think the table’s weight affects its capacity to hold heavy items, but that’s not so. This camping table can hold items that are up to 66 pounds. An additional tier is connected to the table’s legs that allow you to either remove it or store it. This camping table is the ideal definition of a simple and effective product.

It is weatherproof, which implies that it cannot be affected by rain, sun, or any weather elements. Overall, when you buy this product, there is a travel bag that comes with the package. You won’t need to invest an additional penny to get one.


  • It is lightweight and convenient to carry about
  • It is affordable
  • It comes with an additional tier for storage


  • It is not so large


The iClimb folding table is the ideal choice for anyone whose utmost priority is lightweight and convenient.

7. Trekology Portable Camping Side Table

Not all camping tables offer the functionality and versatility that the Trekology Camping Side Table offers. This camping side table is very portable that you can pack it conveniently into your car or strap it to your bike. If you are a camper or are going for a simple picnic and need a sturdy table where you can undertake heavy tasks, this table is ideal.

One of this folding camping table’s key features is that it is structured to weather the storm. It is not made with wood or other materials that are not weather-resistant. This camping table has an easy-to-clean and waterproof tabletop that withstands any element of weather. When it comes to ruggedness needed for outdoor purposes, this camping table is well-suited for that.

Another crucial feature is this table’s ability to be stored anywhere because of its portability. This table’s product package comes with a carry bag where you can fold the table and store it. And its lightweight nature enables you to carry it anywhere you are going.

For installation, you would face no problems with the Trekology camping side table. You don’t need tools to install, neither do you need any instructional manual to get started. Even a little kid would be able to install this table. Also, its aluminum base-frame is structured to fold and pop-up effortlessly.


  • It is durable and lightweight
  • It is portable
  • It is weatherproof


  • The weight capacity is mid


The Trekology camping side table is very versatile and can be used for several purposes. This is what separates it from other camping tables.

8. Preferred Nation Folding Table

If you love pop-up tents, you will love pop-up camping tables. This camping table can be folded in half, and it opens up seamlessly. With this, you can correctly guess that it would be easy to install this folding table. It is not that portable like other folding tables when it is folded, but you would not have trouble carrying it about. With its carry case, it is easier to convey.

Another attractive feature is the presence of built-in cup holders where you can conveniently place your glass cups without the fear of inadvertently breaking them. You will appreciate this feature more if you are camping on rough terrain.

Besides, there is a large storage space positioned beneath the tabletop. So, you can put the main dish on top and place the extras in the storage space; you can also place your drinks there too. You have to be careful when using this table not to put heavy loads on it. This camping table is best suited for a small gathering of people with small items.

To wrap it up, you will love this light weight portable table because it is inexpensive and durable. And the additional features it comes with makes it one of the best on the market.


  • It can be easily assembled
  • It is lightweight
  • It comes with an extra tier
  • It is affordable


  • The tabletop is water absorbent


This camping table comes with an additional tier that allows you to store other items asides from food. So, instead of putting them on the table, you can fix them into the tier.

9. Coleman Outdoor Folding Table

One of the few camping tables on the market that were specifically designed to help you create memories while camping is the Coleman Outdoor folding table. This versatile camping table prevents you from making the wrong choice as you can set it up in four diverse ways.

The first option is the classic-square setup. This is ideal if you want to eat lunch or play a game during camping. To get this option, you join two rectangular-shaped tables together. There is a crevice positioned in the center, so you should be careful not to place heavy items there.

The second option is the buffet-style structure. This option presents a broader spread as you can use it for a big dinner gathering.

The third option is called the bi-level arrangement, and it uses the table legs (adjustable). You have to make one table lower than the other, so you can place drinks and food on anyone you want.

The fourth option is to separate the tables. This is particularly essential when you want to have a private time with someone. You detach the tables and take one of them to a secluded space. The significant part is all the options allow you to adjust the table’s height.

Also, the primary feature that supports the table’s weight is the sturdy aluminum frame. And the table can accommodate items up to 300 pounds. You can place several items on it without the fear of your table crashing.

There is a self-carry case where you can always fold the camping table and carry it with you anywhere you are going. One of the major precautions to observe is to avoid placing hot items on the table.


  • It comes with a 4-in-1 structural design
  • It has a great weight capacity
  • The height can be adjusted for all four options
  • It is a versatile table


  • It doesn’t come with seats
  • It is not ideal for hot items


The fact that this table comes with four different ways of setting up makes it one of the most versatile and multifunctional camping tables on the market.

10. Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table

The beauty about the Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table is that it brings your kitchen setup to you. This camping table comes with kitchen cupboards that allow you to arrange your cooking items. When you compress its legs and zip the pouches, it becomes easy to carry about.

It would interest you to know that the four padded bags’ purpose is to ensure everything is well-arranged during transport and storage. Also, it has a blue bag that functions as a cooler and a kitchen sink.

Also, the Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table is a portable camping table that accommodates the entire kitchen at your camping spot. You will not be stressed while using this camp table because it comes with legs that allow you to adjust its height.

This camping table does not only give you a large surface to put your food on, but it also provides you with large storage space for all your cooking needs.  


  • It comes with extendable legs to adjust its height
  • It provides large storage space
  • It is portable


  • It is quite expensive


Having extendable legs that allow you to adjust its height is not a luxury that several camping tables have.

Buying Guide

To avoid making the wrong decision when you want to buy a camping table, you need to know the vital features to consider before buying.


The portability of a camping table is an essential factor to consider, and it depends on your camping needs and your mode of transportation. For instance, if you are going camping with a big van, choosing any camping table would not be challenging. This is because there is enough space in the van to contain the camping table irrespective of the size.

However, if you will be going in a car, it is best to get a portable camping table and easily fit it into the car. For those who will be using bikes, buying a big and heavy camping table would be a massive disservice to you because it would be inconvenient.

Another factor you need to consider is how well the table folds up and spreads out. Some tables are tucked into the case with their attached handles, while others could come in mini-packaged bags. Irrespective of how they come, you have to ensure you can handle the table when folded.


When you want to buy a camping table, you have to check the tabletop’s size. One way to ascertain the appropriate size is to gauge how many people can comfortably sit around the table. If you want to go camping with a group of people, and it is a usual event for everyone, you can buy a numerical data camping table.

However, you need to know it would not be appropriate for you to get a big camping table if you will be going camping all by yourself. In this case, it would be great to get a portable one that would be okay for a maximum of two people.

Another critical point is the table’s size when it is folded. If you don’t have much space in your camping gear or your vehicle, you should get a small-sized camping table that can be compressed into something small.

One crucial factor to always remember is that the table’s size sometimes determines how heavy and pricey it would be. If you want a table with a large capacity, you should be ready to pay some extra bucks for it.

Ease of setup

Generally, no one fancies the idea of taking several minutes to set up during camping. Even though it cannot be avoided sometimes, most people would prefer to have items in their camping gear that would not take ample time to set up.

When you are buying a portable camping table, you need to ascertain if it can be easily installed or not. If the camping table you opt for comes with an instructional manual, there is a good chance that it would be quite challenging to install. However, you should find out for yourself before paying for it.

Similarly, you have to ensure that just one person can assemble your prospective camping table. If you get a camping table that needs more than one person to assemble, it would be inconvenient for you to install it if you are camping all by yourself.


Every table needs to come with legs, but the various models on the market cannot have the same legs. You need to check the leg placement and see how they are linked. Be careful to check if there is a crossbeam support system that improves the camping table’s strength.

In addition, you have to ensure the legs are sturdy enough to hold the table to the ground firmly. And the legs should not be susceptible to bending.


The sturdiness of a camping table is akin to its support. Ideally, your camping table can stand firm when you place food and other items on it for a long time. It would be best if you looked out for camping are tables that are made with materials that assure you of its sturdiness and durability. One high-quality material you can consider is aluminum.

Aluminum camping tables are sturdy and lightweight, thereby providing the needed convenience. Another reliable, sturdy material is steel. Steel camping tables last longer than their aluminum counterparts, but they are not usually coated. Hence, they are susceptible to being damaged by weather and environmental conditions.

The downside to using steel camping tables is, they are quite heavy, making them quite inconvenient to carry about. Also, your tables need to come with adjustable legs that allow you to adjust their height. This feature prevents your camping table from tipping over in rough terrains. It would not be great having a pleasant camping experience and your table tips over because it is not sturdy.


A camping table is not something you use every day. Hence, you have to make sure you store it away safely. It is advised to store the camping table in a room that has a wide space. Do not place other items on the camping table in order not to get it damaged.

Some people keep it in their damage, while others keep theirs in a separate room.


Just like any other camping items, a camping table needs proper maintenance. It is beyond wiping the table before and after eating. When you are done with each camping outing, you need to wash the table with soap and water. Thankfully, Polymer and Aluminum materials get dried up faster than the canvas options.

Weight Limit

Depending on the table’s use, you have to check its weight limit. You need to remember that a table will not be able to provide ample support like a chair. To know the table’s weight limit, check the legs’ placement and size and compare it to the surface area. It is common knowledge that bigger legs with reasonable spacing help to improve the weight limit.

Seat capacity

Before you buy any camping table, you need to know the number of people sitting at the table. There is a huge difference between a table for two people and a table for eight people. When you consider this, you will tell if you will get a side table or a folding camp table.

Frequently asked questions

What is the ideal height for a camping table?

The height of the camping table depends on your camping needs. You can get camping tables that have adjustable feet and legs so that you can modify them to your preference.

How can I maintain the stability of a camping table?

The camping table’s stability is a crucial factor you have to consider when selecting a camping table. It would not be great if your table turns over when you have a great mealtime with your friends.

Hence, it would be great to get a camping table with adjustable feet so that the table can be stable even if the ground is rough. Similarly, if you get a camping table that has large feet, it would be stable.

What is the appropriate material for a camping table?

It is advised to select top-quality and lightweight materials for durability and convenience. Bamboo material is one you can consider because of its assured durability. Also, Bamboo is an environmentally-friendly and beautiful surface. Even though they are quite pricey, they offer good value for money.

Furthermore, you can consider Aluminum material because it is inexpensive and lightweight. However, the downside sometimes is its reduced stability, which cannot be compared to the Bamboo’s stability.

Several camping products on the market are suited to withstand weather elements, thus ensuring their longevity. Irrespective of the material, you should always fold your table and keep it when you are not using it.


A camping table is a quintessential item you need when camping, and it is crucial to get the ideal one that meets your need. I advise you to consider the features listed in this Best Camping Table in 2022 buying guide to avoid getting the wrong ones.