Tomahawks are tools that can be used for many purposes, including camping. Camping requires taking along tools that can aid in cutting and chopping of woods. It also requires tools that can help in self-defense in the case of an intrusion. Tomahawks are the ideal tools that can serve these purposes while you go for camping. Getting the perfect tomahawk to take along, we have viewed features and several determinants that will aid you to get the best camping tomahawks in 2022.

Top 7 Best Camping Tomahawks in 2022 

1. SOG FastHawk Throwing Tomahawk

This is a tactical/military tomahawk that is of light weight. It is a very versatile tomahawk, and it falls under the affordable tools out there. It comes with a stainless steel blade that can be used to chop woods and can be exhibited during combat. It has a vertical adze on the rear end, which assists in digging deep into the ground for the tomahawk to create something similar to a trench. It also has a flat bottom at the handle, which can break down and shattering heavy barriers. It has a blade and a handle that are not joined together, but its balancing power is still moderate and firm. Although there is a slight weight towards the head, it has been discovered that the durability of this tomahawk is not top notch as the handle can get broken if used too much. Its grip is wrapped with glass-reinforced nylon that allows sufficient fraction through its surface type of texture.  


  • Presence of a square stainless-steel blade
  • Light weight
  • Good balancing power
  • Presence of a vertical adze to aid digging into materials
  • Presence of glass-reinforced nylon on the handle grip


  • The nylon sheath attached to it frays easily
  • Irreplaceable if its handle gets broken


Despite its flaws, this tomahawk has distinct features that make it standard enough to be recommended for camping. 

2. Browning Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk

This kind of tomahawk can be used for camping as well as in tactical situations. It is made up of carbon steel that strengthens it enough to make sure it does not break or deform easily. It has the shape of its blade made to chop things easily without being too big for purposes that require careful precision, such as combat. It has a sharp adze on the rear of the blade, which can be applied as a hook for piercing. It lacks a flat area that can be used to hammer and knock things in. It comes with a nylon paracord on its handle to aid firm grip, and this paracord is a removable type that can be used on its own when needed. It also enables sufficient traction for the tomahawk. This tomahawk was observed to weigh a lot, which affects the agility displayed in its application despite adding momentum to the swing of the tomahawk. The weight of this tomahawk also causes a certain level of stress when it comes to carrying it along to where you intend to camp. It has a durable sheath that will last for a long period of time and increase its ability as a tactical tool. 


  • Made of a one-piece carbon steel
  • Presence of an adze that can be used as a hook
  • Presence of a nylon paracord to aid firm grip
  • Presence of a long lasting sheath in the axe


  • Too heavy a tomahawk for its size
  • No flat surface that can be used to hammer or knock in materials


This particular type of tomahawk, despite its heavy weight and lack of flat surface, can aid in doing several things during camping time. 

3. SOG Camp Axe

This tomahawk is of a light weight which makes it a very easy tool to use. This makes its portability advantage very easy to apply as you will not want to leave it behind when going for camping. It comes with a very fine stainless steel in its blade, which can ease wood cutting and chopping. It also comes with a flat adze that can be used to hammer and knock things in. It comes with glass-reinforced nylon at the handle to provide a firm grip to the user. This tomahawk can also be used as an agile weapon when it comes to a case of combat. It also has a sheath that accompanies it, but this sheath does not offer much coverage area on the tomahawk. Due to its difficulty getting it onto the blade, it could lead to a mishap such as a cut when trying to cover that blade.


  • Light weight
  • Presence of a flat adze that can be used for knocking things in
  • Presence of fine nylon at the handle to aid firm grip
  • Effective tool that can be used during combat situations


  • Too small to use for huge chopping tasks
  • Issues with its sheath due to insufficient coverage


It can be used during camping as its features make it easy to grip.

4. RKT Kangee Tomahawk with Sheath

This tomahawk is a tactical tool that was designed with many appealing features. It is a very compact type of tomahawk and also very light in weight. Its agility is top notch and the head of the blade is perfectly set. It is a very good type of tomahawk for chopping and cutting. The blade of this tool has a curvature which makes it create an additional surface area to allow deep penetration into an object or a wood. Its blade is made of carbon steel, making it so sharp and hard enough to shave metal accurately. There is also the presence of an aggressive spike which can be used to achieve deep digging. This tomahawk comes with glass-reinforced nylon on the handle, which makes the grip very easy and firm. This tool also has a perfect balancing power that makes it easy to handle when it comes to combat. It is a very durable type of tomahawk, but its blade’s lower edge is very susceptible to chipping when you use it to cut through substances harder than wood, such as metals. The blade of this tomahawk comes with a sheath that possesses a shoulder strap. It is very portable, and it lasts for a long period of time.


  • Light weight
  • Very agile and tactical
  • Excellent grip
  • Presence of a sheath
  • Presence of a small blade with an aggressive spike


  • Prone to chipping if the blade is used to cut through things harder than metals
  • Expensive to get


The shortcoming of this tomahawk is just due to its inability to cut through hard surfaces, but it is a very resourceful type of axe. 

5. SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini

This tomahawk is also a tactical type of tool. It is of small size but heavy in weight. This tomahawk is perfect for camping as the handles are designed from just one single piece of stainless steel. This factor is what makes the tomahawk very durable. It has an accompanying blade with a square with a very deep underbite, which can aid effective chopping and cutting of wood and aid better maneuvering during hand-to-hand combat. The blade of this tomahawk will not chip due to the fact that it has been crafted from relatively mild stainless steel instead of the use of carbon steel. It has a spike on the rear of the blade, which can be useful for deep digging and for piercing during combat. It also comes with a flat bottom at the handle to aid multi-purpose uses such as hammering. It is a very light weight tomahawk. It spins relatively slowly in the air, offering better aim and easier practice for beginners. It comes with nylon that aids a firm grip so that the hand will not slip while holding it during application. 


  • Presence of a square blade that is good for chopping and combat related purposes
  • Presence of a spike that makes it ideal for digging deep or piercing during combat
  • Too big for its size, and this allows it to spin slowly
  • Very durable as it is produced with a stainless steel blade


  • High possibility for the handle to break off due to throwing


This is one of the best tomahawks that can be used during camping. 

6. Estwing Sportsman’s Axe

This Estwing-made backpacking tomahawk axe is a very good tool. Its length of about 14 inches, and it comes with a huge blade head. This is to make sure it has some heft towards the head, which tends to increase the momentum during chopping. Thus, tomahawk can quickly cut through branches of trees rather than hesitating by getting stuck. The handle of this tomahawk looks beautiful, but it is of a lacquered leather which makes it slippery while swinging with the hands. The shape of its blade does not make it ideal for combat and the curvature of the handle can make it very difficult to attack an intruder successfully. 


  • Balanced enough for chopping
  • Ideal length to aid chopping
  • Steel blade can be easily sharpened
  • Long lasting leather handle if maintained well


  • Lack of balance for combat
  • Presence of lacquer on the handle
  • Control issues with blade


This tomahawk is perfect for chopping and cutting during camping but is not ideal for combat. 

7. CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk

This tomahawk comes with a special blade shape which makes it versatile enough for a number of purposes. It can be used for chopping. Due to its curvature, it can also cut through large wood branches efficiently and deeply with ease. There is a toothy spike on the underside of its blade, which supplies the tomahawk a scary amount of power during combat. It comes with a flat adze at the blade rear to aid in hammering or breaking barriers. Its handle is made from Tennessee hickory wood but gets a firm grip on the handle, and it has to be sandpapered. Its two-piece construction format makes the head liable to come off easily despite it being held in place by applying sufficient pressure. It does not come with a sheath. The blade of this tomahawk comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 


  • Top-notch chopping power
  • Underside blade to aid combat
  • Presence of flat adze to use as a hammer
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Slippery handle
  • Easy removal of the blade from the handle


This tomahawk is an ideal tomahawk for camping, although its handle can be a barrier when it comes to combat. 

Factors To Be Considered Before Selecting a Tomahawk For Camping

Find the best survival tomahawk for you with the following factors to consider before buying any of the reviewed options above. 


The part where the blade is located in a very crucial organ and aspect of a tomahawk. This blade will help shape the activities of the tomahawk during its application, such as how well the edge of the blade is positioned, how well the sharpening aspect is easy to achieve, and its cutting ability when slashing through selected wood and materials that need to be cut. 

We have two important materials used to produce the blade of a tomahawk, and they are stainless steel and carbon steel. With a certain percentage of carbon in a blade, it creates an edge that can cut through materials with ease, but those will higher content may be able to cut through metals. Tomahawks with stainless steel blades are also very important due to their ability to resist corrosion. 

Blades with stainless steel are often softer than those with carbon steel because they can be easily used for cutting and chopping woods and defending oneself, unlike carbon steel blades which can go as far as cutting metals. Tomahawks with stainless steel are also affordable and cheaper than those with carbon steel blades if you are running on a budget.

Grip factor

Some tomahawks are made of wood handles, and these types are very affordable and not expensive, resulting from the wood handle being separated totally from the tomahawk’s blade. If this wooden handle breaks off, it can be replaced easily by another. To grip a tomahawk with a wooden handle, it may be an inconvenience to a user, but this can be corrected by putting a wrap of a grip tape around the handle to ensure easier handling and increase the advantage of traction. 

We also discovered tomahawks that have metal handles that are constructed from just one piece of metal. This translates that both the handle and the blade are of the same production material, and this will make the tomahawk heavier and create a perfect balance for handling. Nylon is often wrapped around the metal handle due to its difficulty in handling. 


Some types of tomahawks are short when it comes to length. This shortness factor enables an easier way to wield the tomahawk with precise accuracy. It also makes applications such as chopping logs of wood, hand-to-hand combat, and cutting easier to do. There are also tomahawks that are long in length as they offer more leverage to enable you to apply more force when trying to bring the blade down on material. 


The weight of a tomahawk is crucial as it can determine whether to carry it along for camping due to comfortability and logistics factors. It is important you choose a tomahawk that provides durability for your mission and does not create unnecessary additional weight. Some tomahawks help preserve and reduce weight due to their shortness in length and possession of compact blades.

Some tomahawks are heavy due to their length, which is long, and the long handles. Balancing the weight of your tomahawk is the most important task, such that if the head of the tomahawk is significantly heavier than the handle, wielding the tool accurately will be very difficult. 


The price of tomahawks is determined based on the quality of materials used for constructing the blade and the handle. Some tomahawks are affordable, cheap, and budget-friendly due to what materials have been used. Still, some tomahawks are very expensive due to the many materials put in place during their construction. 

Buying guide

Tomahawks are different kinds of axe that is slightly similar to regular and camping axe. We have several differences among those kinds of tomahawks, particularly their features, as it also influences their usage. While trying to select a tomahawk when you decide to go camping, it is important to know what differs a kind of tomahawk from another. 


There are axes that can be used to undertake some various huge tasks. They come in various sizes, and the problem with those axes that are big and bulky is the issue of portability. They cannot easily be carried along while traveling as they are a major and huge barrier to camping. It is better to carry tomahawks due to their size and portability factor, which aids a lot in camping. 

The best camping tomahawk in 2022 is little enough to pack into your gear. Likewise, many of these outdoor tools are very lightweight and, at the same time, are strong to use. This also ensures versatility as they can be used for several purposes. Before you buy tomahawks, it is important to know what they can do – for instance, for the best ice axe available, you need to learn how to use them

It has some primary uses. Some have the ability to effectively replace several tools in a lightweight and compact device that is easy to carry. Such is using them as hatchets for kindling.


There are loads of uses for a tomahawk. Some have been mentioned already, but the necessity of carrying or using a tomahawk is what will be discussed now.  

People use Tomahawks that venture into outdoor life especially stuffs like mountaineering and camping. It is also used by those who use it for sporting events such as throwing contests and some other outdoor competitions. Also, in defense, there is the military tomahawk that is used during training and warfare. We also have the best survival tomahawk, which is also likened to the best survival axe that can be used at any point in time, and backpacking tomahawk can display various uses.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is balancing very important in the construction of a tomahawk?

Balancing is hugely critical while constructing a tomahawk because it can be used to perform many actions. Balancing is very important to avoid too much leaning towards the blade and ensure stability is achieved while on hold. Before the tomahawk can be used, it should be balanced towards the blade to have more forward momentum.

What are the features a tomahawk must have before it can be chosen for throwing?

It is very important that the length and weight of a throwing tomahawk are considered. If a tomahawk is very long and heavy, it will have a slower spin through the air, making these tools ideal for beginners just getting tutelage on how to throw. The extra weight of these tomahawks also gives them more impact when they hit their targets. They also help attain a firm grip. 

See the best camping axe available here. 


These listed best camping tomahawks are uniquely simple and well-suited for chopping through thick branches with an efficiency that rivals hatchets and axes. They have fine, sharp stainless-steel blades that can be used for different purposes, and their long handles also offer a lot of leverage for chopping and have been designed for multi-purpose use. So, get the best camping tomahawk in 2022 today based on our review specially made for you.