Sleeping under the stars can be the most comfortable experience of your life. Camping cots are already an upgrade from the ol’ sleeping bag, but double camping cots bring outdoor living to a whole new level. Find out what the best double camping cots are in 2022.

Top 10 Double Camping Cots for the Best Star-Sleep Ever

CAMPMOON Folding Camping Cot

The Campmoon is a perfect way to start our list. Camping under the moon and stars may not get more simple than this heavy-duty but quick set up. Plus, you can set the mood by choosing the color that best supports your sleep vibe. 


  • Simple design
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Unique back support structure


  • Heaviest users report some noise as they move or toss and turn in the night
  • A few users report having some trouble getting it perfectly flat, though most found it perfectly fine; contact the company if having any trouble


It’s a simple design and effective performance. While most users appreciate the ease of use, some aren’t fans of its tendency to squeak over time with multiple uses. 

REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot

Redcamp has it going on. This double layer camping cot is made for rugged adventures, providing a comfy place to relax after your long hikes. The head area is slightly angled for a nice ergonomic touch. 


  • Simple design is easy to unfold/put away
  • Slightly elevated pillow area/back
  • Nicely padded material
  • Pre-assembled from arrival; easy to use


  • Besides the padding, there isn’t a lot to say for back support
  • Despite the padding, some found this wasn’t as comfortable as they’d hoped


The biggest negative about this choice, despite its extra padding, is that it won’t be optimal for serious back concerns. However, for those with simply in and out pain or in search of light back support, this is the perfect option. 

REDCAMP Extra Wide Camping Cot

This particular design comes in two varieties: heavy duty and super heavy duty. Both have a weight limit of 500lbs, come in various colors, and arrive with a complimentary carry bag. It’s top-rated for a few key reasons. 

The difference mainly comes down to the following features: 

Super Heavy-Duty Pros and Cons

  • Set up size is 79″x33.5″x20.5″, larger than its alternative below
  • Weight capacity is the same on both: 500lbs
  • 18 steel legs (more than below)
  • 1680D Double Oxford fabric style

Heavy Duty Pros and Cons

  • Set up size is 75″x28″x15″, slightly smaller than the alternate (above)
  • Weight capacity is the same on both: 500lbs
  • 10 steel legs (less than above)
  • 600D Double Oxford fabric style


Whichever way you go, this Redcamp sleeping cot is super awesome. The varieties are close, but details can make all the difference depending on the size of the persons using the cot and/or the dimensions of your tent. Pay attention to the details and choose according to your needs. 

Coleman Camping Cot

Well, the brand knows what it’s doing—that’s for sure! Laying or lounging on this air-cot is a unique experience (not many of us have grown up with air-mattress cot combos!). While uncommon, many new air-cot bed users are stunned by how comfortable they are. This model is lightweight yet durable enough for rugged terrain. Note, it comes in two sizes, so pay attention at checkout. 


  • An air-mattress and camping cot all in one
  • Wider than most typical cots
  • Padded yet easy to clean
  • Comes in two size options


  • The air-cot design is unique and not for people looking for “traditional” camping cots
  • You’ll need to be careful the first couple of times you use an air-cot; make sure you seal it after blowing it up to the comfort level you desire to prevent air leakage


This is certainly unique. And, not every heavy duty camping cot wins points for being an other-worldly experience and the perfect nature-world gear at the same time. You have to truly consider the user before purchasing this one, as the air-cot design is not what most are familiar with. Of course, it means you’ll have to spend a few extra minutes in set up (to blow the air mattress up), but after that, you have an opportunity for an un-naturally awesome nature-sleeping experience! 

MegaDeal Double Kwik Tent Cot

What a simple but unique design to add to your camping collection! Besides the convenient feature of a double-sized cot area, Kwik Tent designed a cot that’s ready for basic assembly and pack-up within seconds. For what it involves, it’s an affordable option. So, while it is a more simple design than most options in this list, the space gained by the ergonomic shapeliness equals more room in the trunk for other items. Plus, you’ll appreciate the safety of a higher weight limit (aka no worries if the kids jump on board!). 


  • Unique shape and design
  • Easy to unfold and pack up
  • Higher weight limit than most cots, at 550 pounds


  • There aren’t armrests or pockets in this design
  • There is a support bar that runs down the middle and depending on how you sleep or who you sleep with, this can be more or less noticeable, and thus more or less comfortable


The takeaway here is that this is a simple, large-sized two person camping cot. It’s ready for a single person spacious experience, couples, or those who just need extra room for kids or fur babies. Because of the higher weight limit, there is less worry about damage to whoever climbs on board. 

Disc-O-Bed Bunked Double Camping Cot

You may have thought you’d seen it all with cot-bed styles… but this one will blow your concept of what nature camping can look like. Bunk beds in the woods? Absolutely! Depending on your campsite, this can be by far the most space efficient and most awesome star-sleeping experience of your camping experiences! Top-quality camping is sometimes all about thinking outside the bonfire box. 


  • Who doesn’t love the idea of bunk beds?! Young or old, bunk beds hold a special blissful charm
  • Very comfortable even compared to other basic one level cots or mattresses


  • The practicality all depends on the users
  • If you’re one person or want to have closer contact with your sleep buddy, this is not the option for you
  • For older folks or those who toss quite a lot in sleep, this may not be the best option (mostly for your partner!)
  • Durable, but not the most stable according to some reviews


Quite unique by any standards. This bunk camp cot is something worth experiencing for yourself depending on your campsite design and the proximity you want to have to your camp-mates. 

CAMPMAX Folding Camping Cot

Wow, what a well-crafted piece of camping gear! Camp max takes outdoor sleeping experiences to the max with this cot. Reviewers are saying it is very easy to use and get along with. 


  • Basic cot design with the slightly elevated head area
  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Padded cot
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Some users enjoy the padded back, but others find it unnecessary
  • Some users commented that the side bars seemed intrusive compared to other cots they’ve tried


You’ll feel ready and able to rise to your highest self after sleeping on this cot. The Camp Max Cot is made for maximal enjoyment with minimal set up effort, and it’s not super heavy compared to other heavy duty cot options. 

Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk

I have yet to meet a kid that doesn’t absolutely love bunk beds. This bunk cot experience may be the simplest and most double duty camp upgrade for families ever invented. It’s similar to the cot bunk we listed above but made especially for kids. 


  • Stable, good for kids
  • Kids of all ages love bunk experience
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Side organizers give kids a safe place to store smartphones and flashlights


  • Despite best efforts, the elevation of the bunk system means this could be dangerous with reckless use or little ones on the upper bunk
  • Not good for kids who toss and turn in the night


The kid-friendly bunk system is definitely a family favorite for any kind of outdoor sleeping venture. And hey, backyard camps can be even more fun than extended forest ventures, so consider this for an upgraded element of your next stay-cation!

Kamp-Rite Compact Double Tent Cot

Kamp Rite knows how to camp right. Seriously though, this cot system set up is really awesome for hardcore adventurers. Sleep like a camping champion in this easy-to-use, naturally more protective cot system. 


  • Unique design from set up to shape
  • Made to be extra comfortable
  • Very durable
  • Built in tent protection
  • Easy to fold and unfold


  • Not the typical “camp cot ” style, so consider the user’s aesthetic preference
  • Some users complain that the tent is overboard, but really that is a non issue if you’re buying it on purpose for the tent protection


This camping cot is the bomb diggity! In minutes you have a tent-protection and a comfy sleeping cot all in one. Some users have even reported using it in emergencies where they had to set it up in the dark and had no issue getting it safely set up. What a winner! This is how to camp right. 

Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot

Let’s end strong—with an extra, extra large cot option. This cot is not for those who want a small and space efficiency option. Really, this is for those who don’t want to sacrifice their sleep space (and/or have a partner or kids to rest with). It’s relatively easy to set up and very enjoyable to have on hand. 


  • Made to be extra comfortable
  • Very durable
  • Truly an extra extra large option
  • Easy to fold and unfold


  • Not the typical “camp cot” size
  • You need to consider where you’ll be setting it up due to the size
  • Could rust if it gets any kind of excessive moisture and is not properly dried


The Teton XXL cot is named like it is for a reason! For extra tall or extra wide or extra sleepers on a single bed, this cot will do the trick. For those who don’t fall in any of the above categories, this may be simply excessive, and the size may not be worth the hassle for you. Think through where you’ll be using this and what you really need when outdoor sleeping. 

Buying Guide

What makes for the best double camping bed? We have a few thoughts to lay out for you to be comfortable with whatever decision you make. 

Camping Cots for Bad Backs

Back pain is no joke. There are camping cots that are considered ergonomic due to how they alleviate direct pressure on typical laying muscles with the associated nerves. 

The fabric of these cots is usually soft with some give. The shock absorption naturally built into many cot designs makes them feel more comfortable for pain sufferers in general.

Pay attention to reviews or how easy or difficult it is to set up and/or take down the cot. Unless you have others with you who will be doing this on your behalf, you certainly don’t want to cause you extra harm to an already painful back injury in the process of getting your cot ready! 

You’ll also want to pay attention to what kind of frame is used to hold up your cot. We mention this for two reasons:

One, a lighter structure material (like aluminum) will make it easier to handle the set up and take down of your cot. Again, this is a bonus for preventing extra pain or time in the set up and taking down your sleep spot. 

Two, pay attention to structure material for the sake of where pressure points appear on the cot itself. Depending on how the cot is designed and considering what angle you sleep in, the bars holding up your cot could be your way. Don’t accidentally wake up with an unnecessary kink due to choosing a cot with an improperly placed structure bar! 

What’s the Best Camping Cot for Side Sleepers? 

Are you a side sleeper? Many people are. This can make a huge difference to your cot experience compared to another person who sleeps flat on their back (or face down). If you’re a side sleeper, pay attention to a few key pieces of information as you conduct your cot search. 

Let’s just start by reminding you that a cot is certainly a better choice for side sleepers than a traditional sleeping bag set up despite the extra effort and dollars. Due to sleeping on the ground and the (generally) hard or uneven surface, sleeping bags can leave you aching and ouching after a few hours. Don’t give up or skip the cot idea if you’re a side sleeper. You’re on the right track to a better camp experience with a cot vs. a floor sleeping set up. 

So what should you look for in your cot for the ultimate outdoor side sleeping experience? For starters, the frame and structure. We mentioned this above in the list of things to watch out for, for anyone with bad backs. But this element is just as important (or even more so!) for side sleepers. The frame structure of a cot can be designed in a surprisingly large variety of shapes and materials. 

The way your cot is designed will make all the difference for side sleepers. Be sure your cot doesn’t have a bar running down the middle. Consider what side of your bed or sleep space typically receives the most weight when you’re in your normal resting spot. Then, consider where that would place you on a cot structure. Be sure that the heaviest part of you will not push against a hard bar area beneath the cot, or you’re sure to regret it in the morning. 

Comfort is also a matter of padding. However, some side sleepers may like more or less padding depending on what you’re used to at home. Consider the patterning on your cot, whether the material is thick or thin. Consider how this will press into the areas of your face or body that usually lean on the surface of your home sleeping spots. 

Some fabrics on cots are made to stretch for ergonomic sleeping. However, because of side-sleeping weight distribution, this could be a bad idea for you. Stretchy fabric would result in almost a hammock-like experience. Consider if you think this would be more comfortable or more destructive on your back posture based on how you sleep. 

Lastly… Do you toss and turn while resting? Make sure you have an extra stable cot if so. The last thing you want is to toss yourself right off the cot or turn in a way that collapses the contraption onto the hard ground! 

The Best Options for Two-Camper Cots

How do you ensure that you and your partner have a great night’s sleep while camping? Well, first off, let’s applaud your foresight for considering an alternative to classic ground sleeping (like sleeping bags). There’s no need to sleep separately or try to pretend there’s a way to be truly comfy on the hard ground. A few minutes of forethought will help you choose your best solution.  

For starters, partner sleeping on a cot can be the best or worst experience of your life. Main factors come down to structure/stability, fabric/breathability, and size. While there are similar themes to all three of our buying guide principles, they’re all here for unique purposes. Read on to get the best idea of how to handle your search for the ultimate comfortable two person cot experience. 

Structure/stability: obviously, you don’t want to worry about slight jostling. If there are two people in a cot, even if you’re planning to snooze the second your head hits the cot pillow, some movement will inevitably occur on this device in the night. And, if one person gets up before the other, you also have the chance that weight distribution will shift radically and suddenly at any moment. The worst thing is trying to get up stealthily, whether for the restroom or for waking up time differences and jerking your partner awake—by them toppling sideways to the ground! 

On this note, pay attention that your double person cot is receiving high ratings specifically for stability. You want this device to handle various movements in the case that one or the other of you (or both) are tossing in the night… but even more importantly, that this device will stay truly stable if one rises before the other (or comes to sleep after the other is already laying down, for that matter). 

Furthermore, you want the legs to be very durable. In the case that movement occurs, you absolutely want a sturdy structure that will not potentially bend or break simply for the sake of movement. 

Fabric/breathability: make sure you have a comfortable fabric on your cot. Two people can generate body heat, which (depending on the time of year you are camping) can be an issue. Even in cooler weather, breathable fabric will ensure a better sleeping experience for both of you. In general, you’ll also want a fabric with some to give for the sake of ergonomic friendliness. High-quality sleeping is all about the surface of the cot! 

Size: this is a matter of weight limit as well as dimensions. You for sure don’t need to jeopardize breaking the cot simply for lack of forethought about weight capacity. The higher the limit, the better. Even if you’re under the limit as a couple, maybe you need extra camp gear on the cot that increases the weight. Or, if moving about, this can affect how the cot is registering the weight of your two persons combined. Be sure to buy a cot over what you think is necessary. 

And second, dimensions. It’s not worth being squished, and wider cots are typically better designed for two-person weight distribution anyway. The structure on a wider cot is made, so the fabric doesn’t bend in awkward places, resulting in unnatural sleeping positions or disruptions in the night due to your partner’s sleeping habits.


See just a few FAQ’s below to help you finalize your choices and choose the most suitable camping cot for star-sleeping needs: 

  • Try watching videos like this one where people give their feedback while trying out various cot types. 
  • Think about the types of support you need on a typical day. What resting style is generally the most comfortable for you?
  • Think about the locations you will be whipping out your new cot in. Be sure the structure holding it up and the foot design will be suitable for safe sleeping on whatever ground you’re parking on. 
  • Big guys or gals may have unique needs beyond the weight limit. Especially if buying this as a gift, think of the general abilities of the person who will be using this cot most often. 
  • If two people will be on this cot, go back and review our two-person cot pointers before making your final purchase. 


Camping on a cot with two people, back pain, or side-sleeping habits are all reasons to consider a double sized cot. High quality cots are not hard to find with some guidelines on what to look for. The best double camping cot is just a few web reviews away once you get clear on priorities and personal needs!