Having the best tent for beach camping in 2022 will make your time on the beach very memorable. 

But how do you find a tent that’s suitable for the loose sand on the beach?

To find the best beach tents, you will need to have well-detailed information on the very best shade tents for beach camping. 

I’ve written this post to tell you all you need to know about the top-rated tents for beach camping available today. 

Let’s get started!

Best 10 Tents for Beach Camping 2022

1. Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

If you plan to go beach camping with your family, this tent will be a great choice. First, it has enough space for up to four people. 

Also, the tent’s unique hub design makes it super easy to set up. So, you can start relaxing and having fun in it as soon as you hit the beach. 

The tent is specially built to offer protection from sun rays, wind, and rain. The polyester material offers breathability, while the tent also comes with three huge windows for improved ventilation. 

Furthermore, the tent is light and durable, thanks to its fiberglass frame. So, you will be able to move it around without a fuss.

There are internal pockets in the tents for easy storage. Additionally, you will never have to worry on a windy day as the tent is equipped with sand pockets and stakes. 

Finally, you have the option of purchasing an extendable floor to keep out the sand.


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is easy to set up
  • It is made of a breathable and water-resistant material
  • It provides maximum protection from the elements of the weather


  • It is only available in one


This tent is an excellent choice for families of four. 

2. Coleman Beach Shade

The Coleman Beach Shade could easily have been number one on my list. It has excellent features all around, and it is also affordable.

It can be purchased in five appealing colors to ensure that you can have something unique on the beach. Also, there are storage pockets inside for you to keep gadgets and toys. It comes with a dryline too.

Furthermore, the tent has a nice height and an extendable canopy. The only downside is the absence of side windows. Thankfully, its zippered back offers some compensation. 

Finally, you will have the option of zipping the extendable floor when you need privacy.


  • It is affordable
  • Pop up installation ensures super easy setup
  • It can withstand harsh conditions
  • It offers excellent coverage


  • There are no windows on either side


To put it simply, this tent has all the features that you will need in a beach tent. 

3. G4Free Large Pop up Beach Tent

What I love most about this beach tent is its pop-up design. All you have to do is to toss it into an open space, and it will open up in a second! 

Also, the tent’s frame is made from very flexible steel wire. Weighing only 2.4 pounds, there are not many tents lighter than the G4 Free Beach Tent in the market. 

Additionally, it has a visually appealing design, and it is available in a variety of colors.

The tent will remain well ventilated even on hot days thanks to its three huge windows. It has sufficient room for two grown-ups and two kids. 

However, it isn’t suitable for taller people. Another downside is that it can be difficult to pack. 


  • It is lightweight
  • It is wind resistant
  • It is available in a wide array of colors
  • Setting it up is extremely easy
  • It offers protection from sun rays


  • It can be uncomfortable for tall folks
  • Folding it up can be tiring


You should buy this tent if you are going beach camping with your partner or a small family. 

4. Coleman Canopy Tent

This is the right product for you if you are looking to purchase a beach tent on a budget. It also comes with several features that you will like. 

First, you can easily zip up the extendable floor when you need some privacy. A dry line is also included to allow you to hang your wet towels and suits. 

Furthermore, there are mesh pockets for easy storage of your belongings. You can improve the airflow in the tent by opening the back windows. 


  • It is affordable
  • It offers privacy
  • It will shield you from the sun rays


  • Its low price means it’s not of the highest quality


You can save a significant amount of money by purchasing this tent.

5. Neso Beach Tent with Sand Anchor

This tent can be an excellent choice for you if privacy isn’t at the top of your list. The Neso tent is similar to a sun-shade tarpaulin. 

It is a high-performing tent when it comes to resistance. This is thanks to its design that includes four sandbags. 

Also, the tent is made of a water-resistant material. It can even be fitted in your suitcase! Weighing only four pounds, this is one beach that will never feel like a burden. 


  • It is highly durable
  • It offers protection from the sun
  • It is available in different colors


  • It offers little privacy
  • It is quite expensive


This beach tent is guaranteed to hold its own in windy conditions. 

6. NTK Arizona GT Camping Tent

An event that can quickly make your time on the beach unpleasant is the appearance of a storm. Annoying insects such as mosquitoes are another issue. 

Fortunately, you can solve both issues by purchasing the Arizona GT Camping Tent. This tent was designed for the Amazon jungle so that it will withstand the toughest conditions. 

Firstly, it is completely screened to prevent mosquitoes from getting into your tent. It also comes with a large waterproof rain fly that will ensure that the rain and wind are never a problem. 

Finally, both the tent’s frame and floor are made of high-quality materials. 


  • It is built for the harshest conditions
  • It comes with a full-size rainfly
  • It offers protection from mosquitoes and other insects
  • It has enough space for up to ten people


  • It doesn’t come with an entrance pavilion


If you can afford it, it is one of the best all-around beach tents that you can get your hands on. 

7. EzyFast Elegant Pop Up Beach Shelter

If you search for a beach canopy that will give you great coverage, then this is a product you shouldn’t overlook. 

It offers much more than most beach canopies that will only shield you from the sun. The EzyFast Beach Shelter takes coverage to another level with its back wall by offering more privacy and wind blockage. 

Additionally, the canopy’s fabric is built to keep out the sun’s rays. It can fit between two to four people, and it is also simple to set up. 

It has a carrying bag that makes it very easy to transport. Its overall design shows that it will hold its place quite well. 


  • It is durable
  • It has abundant space


  • It doesn’t have protection on either side


This canopy will give you all the coverage you will need from a personal beach tent.

8. OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent

The standout feature of this beach tent is that it is very easy to set up. It can be set up by just about anyone as there is no need for any component to be assembled. 

The tent is also portable. This is thanks to its large carry bag that you can hang over your shoulder.

Additionally, it comes with a zippered door that will allow you to create a changing room or a playroom for your kids. It offers adequate protection from sunlight too. 


  • It is easy to transport
  • It is very easy to set up
  • It comes with three windows for proper ventilation
  • It offers sufficient coverage and privacy


  • It is quite heavy
  • It can become hot if windows aren’t open


This beach tent can be set up without fuss, and it also offers a decent level of privacy. 

9. ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent

Since you will be a significant investment in your new beach tent, it is only right that you will want to use it for multiple purposes. This makes the ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent a suitable choice.

The tent is built for the beach, campsite, and backyard. It also has enough space for a queen air mattress. 

Additionally, the tent comes with two entrances to allow people to go in and out with ease. It has two windows too. 

Like other beach tents, it offers adequate protection from sun rays. To set it up, you only have to toss it.


  • It can fit up to four people
  • It is lightweight
  • It has two doors
  • It is wind resistant


  • It doesn’t have storage pockets


It is ideal for you if you want to purchase a single tent to use at the beach, campsite, and backyard. 

10. Monobeach Baby Beach Tent

I think every parent will agree that beach camping can be less fun when you have to keep worrying about your baby. 

Fortunately, there are beach tents for babies too. The Monobeach Baby Beach Tent is specially designed to keep your baby safe while you have fun on the beach. 

Firstly, the middle of the tent can be filled with water to create a mini pool. This way, your baby can have fun in the tent without getting on the sand. It is an excellent choice for children below the age of three. 

The tent also has a zippered curtain and sun protection to ensure that the sun’s rays don’t harm your baby. 

Finally, it is very lightweight, and its carrying bag makes it even easier to carry around.


  • It is lightweight
  • It comes with sun protection
  • It has a mini pool
  • It is portable


  • It is only available in a single color


It is the best beach camping tent that you can get for your baby. 

Buying guide to Best Tent for Beach Camping

Before you go ahead to purchase the best tent for beach camping in 2022, there are some factors you have to consider. 

This is because it isn’t enough to purchase a fantastic product. You also have to ensure that it’s the right choice for your needs. 


Before buying a beach tent, you need to have a clear idea of how you will be using it. There are different types of tents, and each of them is better suited to certain purposes. 

For instance, you should buy a tent with sufficient airflow and a spacious front if you will be beach camping during the day. 

Meanwhile, your needs will be different if you are interested in going to the beach at night time. In this case, what you will need is a durable tent resistant to weather elements. The front should also be zippable for security and privacy. 


Another thing that you have to do is to check out the tent’s material. Should you purchase a tent made of a low-quality material, it could make your time on the beach less enjoyable. 

Beach camping tents are usually made from two materials, which are nylon and polyester. These two materials do an excellent job at protecting campers from the sun’s rays. 

While it is true that vitamin D has its benefits, staying too long in the sun can cause you harm. So, you should ensure that your offer the protection you need. 

Furthermore, some tents are also more suitable for specific other types of camping. These could either be backyard or kayak camping. Here are the best tents for kayak camping.


When it comes to the right beach tent for camping, size truly matters. Your tent should be able to fit the people you will be camping with comfortably. 

A compact beach tent will be perfect for couples looking to go camping alone. However, it won’t suffice if you have kids. 

Also, your beach tent should have storage space for your belongings. If it doesn’t, you may have to leave them outside, and this is simply inadvisable. 

Finally, compact beach tents are usually easy to transport, while the larger ones are better at resisting the weather elements.

Ease of Use 

This is a feature that is often ignored, but it is just as vital as others. I believe you don’t want to spend several minutes just trying to set up your tent. 

You should be able to assemble the ideal beach tent in less than five minutes. This way, you can have more time to unwind.

Furthermore, a good beach tent should be easy to fold and carry around too. Some tents even come with carrying bags to make your long camping trips easier. You can check out this page to learn how to fold a beach tent.


It is a funny sight when anyone chases their tents around the beach in windy conditions. However, you could easily find yourself in such a situation if you don’t get the right beach tent.

To prevent this, you should get a beach tent that has big sand pockets and stakes. These features will ensure that it holds its own in unfavorable conditions. Discover the best tents for windy conditions.


Most beaches are public places where large crowds gather to have some fun. This makes it almost impossible to stay away from prying eyes.

That said, some beach tents are designed to let you spend time alone. A closed-off tent will enable you to switch your attire right on the book. You may even decide to read a book in the enclosed space. 

However, an open plan tent will be perfect if you desire to mingle with people. 


Before buying a beach tent, you need to consider the items you will take on your trip. Does the tent have enough space to fit them all?

The ideal beach tent should have multiple storage pockets both inside and outside. So, your belongings will be secured throughout your stay on the beach. It will bring you even more value should your kids go to the beach with several toys. 


Your budget is another factor that you have to consider before buying a beach tent. Beach tents come at different prices. So, you should take your time to find one that suits your budget. 

The more expensive options tend to have more features and higher quality. However, there are some cheap decent options too. The best tents under 100 dollars will be perfect for you if you are on a budget.

Kids and Pets 

If you are going to the beach with kids or pets, you have to consider them too. Kids will eventually get tired, so they will need a cool place to rest. I’m sure you also don’t want your pet to get lost too. 

There are beach tents specially made to keep your kids and pets while you have a nice time on the beach. Discover the best tents for camping with dogs.


1. What type of beach tent is the best? 

The best tent for your beach camping needs will depend on your unique wants and needs. You should check out the buying guide to discover what’s best for you. 

2. Do tents offer protection from UV rays?

The basic reason why beachgoers purchase tents are for protection from dangerous rays. Continuous exposure to the sun will result in the skin aging early.

Regardless of your tent’s fabric quality, you should also use sunscreen during the day for maximum protection. 

3. How can I prevent my tent from being blown away?

There are several steps that you will have to take to achieve this. Firstly, you have to ensure that your tent is set up according to the manual.

You should also ensure that you utilize pegs and ropes on it and then secure a durable tarp over it. Finally, you should dig up around your tent.

4. How can I set up a beach tent?

Setting up a beach tent is quite easy. But if you are a beginner, it may take a little longer.

The right way to set up your tent will depend on its design. Below is a general guideline for setting up a beach tent:

  • Dig up holes so that you can secure your tent with sandbags
  • Tie down your beach tent to create balance
  • For more balance, water should be added to the sandbags. 

5. What is the right way to fold a pop-up beach tent? 

Pop-up beach tents have remained a best seller over the years thanks to the ease of assembling and folding them.

You can fold a pop up tent in these simple steps: 

  • Shake the tent to remove sand 
  • With the entrance poles, pull your shelter together and then hold it down
  • Still holding it on one side, create a circle by folding it to the other side. Now, you can toss the tent in the carry bag


You have successfully gone through a list of the best tent for beach camping in 2022. With the information here, you shouldn’t encounter any hassle with your beach tent.