You may want to agree that going camping can be stressful when you have no proper shower setup, and there are barely any ways to fix this,

How true is that?

Specific options come with all the functionality that you would find with a traditional shower. In this review are eleven of the Best Camping Shower Setup available for 2022.

Top 11 Best Camping Shower Setup of 2022

Abco Tech Outdoor Shower Tent

The Abco Tech Camping Shower is a suitable choice that gives you the instant privacy you need when taking an outdoor shower. There is enough space in the shower tent to hold all your shower items – toiletries, changing clothes, etc.

How do I set this up?

Unlike the traditional shower system that works indoors, this outdoor shower comes requires no special services. Instead of hiring a technician or buying installation tools, this takes away the cost of the technician or installation tool. All of this is what makes it a suitable choice for a camping shower set.

Even when you no longer need the shower or after the camping trip, you can easily fold it back into place. A carrying bag comes along with the purchase, which serves as a storage area for the shower set.

There’s more:

When it comes to functionality, the camping shower set also promises a remarkable level of quality. There is a side window in the tent that allows enough air even while in the shower. This side window is easily accessible and can be opened while in the shower.

An outdoor shower tent is to provide privacy from the public while out camping, which does that. The fabric is designed to conceal whoever is inside while allowing you an optimized view of what happens outside.

 As a camping tent, it can also serve when you are out on the beach, by a pool, or any outdoor location. The package gives you access to metal mounting stakes that can be used to hang out clothes and towels.


  • Provides an outward visibility
  • Comes with mounting stakes
  • Has a side window
  • Spacious enough to contain other things


  • Fabric seems too thin


This is one spacious option that you could easily carry about. For others that offer similar mobility, then check out these camping shower setups.

YZKJ Portable Outdoor Shower Tent

With the YZKJ Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent, you get a humanized design caters to all camping trips’ peculiarities.

Here’s the deal:

There are pockets in the shower tent that lets you keep your phone with you even while washing. You can also place other valuables here, such as your wallet, keys, glasses, and more. The design allows you to hang your towels and change clothes for when you are done in the shower.

Just as the previous design in this post, this one does not require any special installation skills. Right after the purchase, you can simply pop it up and set it in any area that you have dedicated for a shower while on your trip.

What else does this offer?

For the sake of mobility, the design comes with a carrying bag and can be easily folded down as well. Once it is time to pack the shower get-together, all you have to do is place it in the carrying bag, and then it can come with you on any journey.

How ventilated is this design?

To better handle body heat and odor, the shower tent comes with a ventilation system. There is a zipper area placed at the top of the tent, and it does the job of allowing enough airflow into the shower tent.

Considering that the camping trip entails that the shower is placed outside, this one comes equipped for that. The components used in making the tent are waterproof and sturdy enough not to get easily tripped over. 

Some ropes and stakes come with the tent, holding it in place even when it is not in use. 


  • Offers a sturdy structure
  • Designed to be waterproof
  • Comes with an area for valuables
  • Can be assembled with ease


  • None at the moment


As one of our top two options, it is proper to give you others like this. Here are outdoor shower setups that you could try out.

Iron Hammer Portable Shower

Iron Hammer designed this portable shower set to allow you an automated shower opportunity even while camping. The shower is powered by electricity, and this through a rechargeable battery built into the structure.

There’s more:

The battery is made of top quality and, after a full charge, can give as much as sixty minutes of uninterrupted shower time. Due to the amount of water that the shower set comes in contact with, a discharge protection circuit takes out any risk of an electric shock.

If you wonder how best to time the shower time battery, this design was built with that in mind. A notification alert is built into the structure that lets you know when the battery is running low. The alert is a light warning that comes on when the shower needs a recharge.

What else does this offer?

When it comes to humanizing the functions, this shower comes with several settings based on your current shower need. The shower pump has a mild water speed level and a high-speed level, making it suitable for both adults and children alike.

Here’s the fun part:

The shower set can be used both on a camping trip and as an indoor personal shower. When out and your car needs a quick wash, this shower pump offers you that accessibility. All of these features make it one of the most versatile options available on this list.

In all, the Iron Hammer Portable Shower gives you the opportunity of a good-looking outdoor shower and a functional one too.


  • Comes with varying shower speeds
  • Works both indoor and outdoor
  • Offers a light weighing design
  • Looks good for a shower


  • Doesn’t have turn on or off switch


This product does not have an on/off switch which could be problematic, but it still has its advantages. Check out other portable shower options.

B-brand Outdoor Shower Enclosure Tent

As a camping setup, the B brand shower is an innovative option that allows you to take a great shower experience wherever you go. It becomes easier for you to set up whenever you want in less time and without extra costs with an easy installation.

There is also room for several things to go into space and doubles as a soft shelter from rain and wind. The fabric used in making the camping set is waterproof, and so you would be safe from the storm once inside.

How much space do you get?

Knowing that this tent can be used as a shelter from the rain, you may wonder how spacious it is. Well, the shower area is big enough to keep your change of clothes and other necessary things that you may need while in the shower.

As a camping shower set, it comes with protection from ultraviolet rays while still offering proper ventilation. The cloth is silver-coated, and the edges have enough seams to ensure that you are given sixty percent more protection than regular options on the market.

There’s more:

If you want to use it as a normal tent, the design has a large zipper that allows you easy access to the tent. There are windows at the sides, which allow a healthy airflow while letting you see all that is happening outside. 

It comes with a portable bag that serves as a carrying case for the shower tent. So, all you are required to do is fold the portable shower tent and place it into the bag whenever you have to move.


  • Doesn’t require any assembly
  • Comes with an optimized airflow system
  • Designed to be waterproof
  • Offers a stable structure


  • Could be hard to setup


Noting that this option could be hard to set up, here are much easier outdoor shower tents to install. 

RinseKit Portable Shower with Hand Pump

The RinseKit POD is a portable shower tent that weights so little yet promises an improved level of functionality. One of the best camping shower setups of 2022 is an option you can carry even as you wander on your trip.

How strong is this?

The components used in making the design are made of reliable materials that are built for outdoor areas. It is one option that does not worsen when it comes in contact with bad weather or can be easily poked by loose roots in the area.

Also, the Pod allows you as much as 1.5 gallons which is enough for your outdoor shower. It doesn’t require that you manually pump the machine for the shower to work and does not use batteries.

There are several shower options for the temperature of the water you make use of while showering. The shower setup tank is insulated, so you can fill it with either cold or hot water, depending on your current need.

What more does this option offer?

The RinseKit shower setup’s distinct design helps you transfer the water pressure while it is being filled automatically. This pressure can be maintained for weeks while offering the same pressure you would get from a standard hose in your garden.

The shower setup gives you enough water for a two-time bath or simply two people to get cleaned with a full tank.

However, if for any reason you require a pressure boost, then you can increase your spray time by as much as twenty-five percent. With every purchase, you get a pressure boost pump that allows you to add pressure at any time.


  • Works as a heated outdoor shower
  • Comes with a pressure pump
  • Allows you to store water
  • Accommodates two baths


  • Includes an unreliable hose


RinseKit surely promises a remarkable level of functionality, but others are not on this list. 

WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent

WolfWise shower setup is a water repellent option that ensures that the inner shelter is always dry as it is made of polyester. 

Here’s the real deal:

Considering that the shower setup is designed for outdoor purposes, the makeup offers you protection from sunlight. It is designed to block out as much as ninety percent of the harmful UV rays you may ordinarily be exposed to. For this reason, the seams of the shower tent are taped.

This option is also desirable when it comes to space as it gives room for other things while in the shower. A full-grown adult can comfortably have a shower in the setup without having to make any real compromises.

For transportation, the setup is quite easy to take about as it weighs less than five pounds as a whole. There is also a carrying bag that lets you move the bag from one location to another much easier. In such a situation, all that is necessary is to fold the tent, and then it goes into the carrying bag.

How well can this be maintained?

To reduce the time spent maintaining the tent and keep you clean while washing, the setup comes with a bottom mat. The mat is detachable and can be taken out when after a shower to dry out.

There are two windows characterized by a zipper that comes with the design. They help keep the place ventilated, thereby preventing the amount of body heat it causes.


  • Includes windows for ventilation
  • Comes with a removable mat
  • Doesn’t require a special assembly
  • Gives room for changing clothes


  • Has just one holding pouch


If you want more options, check out other outdoor shower tents for camping.

GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room

The GigaTent Pod Changing Room doubles as a shower setup that offers instant privacy to you while out on a camping trip. It takes away the hassle of going through an intense installation process as it comes already assembled. 

Here is what you’ve got:

It is made up of heavy-duty materials suitable for the harshness found outdoor or in the woods as a camping shower setup. The material is a polyester taffeta which is resistant to water or light rains. So, if you are met with rain or any extreme weather condition, it serves as a shelter against the rain and sun.   

To ensure that the shower tent doesn’t fall off or collapse, four stakes are included, ensuring it stays rooted to the ground. The tent’s body is also made up of a steel frame that is resistant to the effects of rust and corrosion.    

After your camping trip, you should not be worried about dismantling the setup; rather, you can easily fold it up. Once you have successfully folded the shower tent and its components, then you can place it into a carrying case that comes with the purchase.


  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Offers UV rays protection
  • Designed to be anti-corrosive and anti-rust
  • Includes stakes for stability


  • Not so durable


Other changing rooms also double as a shower set up for you to check out.

AZXJC Portable Camping Shower Set

The AZXJC Portable Shower Setup comes with a strong shower pump that lets you control the water flow. The shower pump works with a highly reliable rechargeable battery that can transform a normal pool of water into a convenient shower-like stream. 

If you are looking for the perfect camping companion, it lets you clean up even on a camping trip.

What happens when the battery goes low?

There is a USB Type-C charging outlet that lets you charge the pump when not in use. With approximately four to five hours, you can have the pump at a full charge. However, the battery can then last for eighty minutes without any interruptions while you shower.

There’s more: 

The Portable shower setup is easy to handle as the setup required to get it working is taken out. The shower tent’s material is also created so that water does not get to the inner layer.

Just as you would find in any high-quality option on the market, this is one shower tent that comes with different water flow settings. You can set it to low, or it can be high, depending on the situation. The low option is best for children, while the other conveniently works for young adults. 


  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Has a shower pump
  • Includes different shower modes
  • Can be easily installed


  • The hose is prone to collapsing


For more portable shower setups other than this, keep checking for the best portable showers that you could try out. 

Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent

Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent allows you to create a secluded room to take your showers even when out in the open. As a portable design, you can carry it from one location to another without stress. So, even if you change your camping location from time to time, this shower setup can easily be brought along.

How high does it go?

Even if you are exceptionally tall or a really tall person accompanies you, this shower tent can still accommodate the height. It allows you to stand upright and even stretch out while inside the tent. 

Now to the interiors:

The insides of the shower tent are enough to accommodate you and the things you may need in the shower. There is a side that allows you to place your changing clothes, keep your towels, and much more. In all, this shower solution can be said to be one that properly models the actual shower experience.

There’s more:

If you are on the market for a shower set up that totally caters to your privacy, then this is the right choice. When you purchase these options, you are given eight pegs and four guy lines that help you hold down the tent. This ensures that the shower area is not easily tossed due to a strong wind coming its way.


  • Designed to be sturdy
  • Gives room to stretch out
  • Comes as a portable option
  • Has a storage pouch


  • No distinct floor mat


Your outdoor shower experience can be better, so there are other options devoted to this cause. 

Lixada Outdoor Quick Set-Up Tent

Lixada Outdoor Quick Set-Up has a top zipper that accompanies a window design which allows for proper ventilation. This simply means that there is enough airflow to reduce the body heat and odor generated while in the shower. In the long run, this makes for a perfect shower experience.

Here’s the real deal:

There is also a pocket area in the shower setup that can accommodate your phones, keys, wallets, glasses, and others. As a setup, this is important when you are camping with other people and need your valuables close to you. 

Noting that the outdoor areas have several things that could try to poke the tent’s material, the manufacturers offered a better choice. It can be referred to as an anti-tear 210T polyester tent with durability for such occurrences.

Also, the surface is coated in silver, which helps absorb the sunlight that comes directly into the setup. This helps make sure that you are protected from a harmful ray from the sun, rather it reflects the light.


  • Absorbs the harmful sun rays
  • Has a pocket area
  • Comes as a properly ventilated option
  • Has an anti-tear fabric


  • Hardly a reusable design


There are more of these types of shower setups for your camping trip. 

G4Free Large Outdoor Privacy Shower Tent

The G4Free large outdoor shower setup is another design that you would love a sit with strong anti-rust poles. These poses hold the edges of the shower tent together, and no matter the amount of moisture it comes in contact with, the poles remain reliable. It is not susceptible to corrosion and any rust-causing agent.

How strong is this?

The design is strong enough to contain up to four gallons, and there are things to serve as a support system for the shower tent. The windows are double layered with cloth and mesh for the ventilation, yet it is quite accessible from the inside.

With the help of four wind ropes and eight metallic stakes, the shower is much sturdier than any other option, even if you are camping by the beach. All the areas are properly held together by the strong wire.


  • Designed to resist abrasion
  • Comes with a structural support system
  • Has the floor covering
  • Easy to setup


  • Solar shower hangs quite low


For more outdoor shower set up like this, check out another list of outdoor showers that offer the best camping experience.

What factors to keep in mind before buying a Camping Shower Setup?

Here are things to consider when buying a shower set up for your camping trip:

Ease of installation

Going camping, it is impossible to have all the tools needed for a shower set up, making it difficult to set one up from scratch. When making a purchase, check out for one that comes already assembled and requires no special skills.


While having a shower, even out camping, you need to have enough space for all the necessities- change of clothes, towels, etc. Find an option that has enough space for your full body and also to have other things.


There is nothing as problematic as having a shower setup get blown away or collapsing during your trip. For this reason, some come with accessories that help keep them in place and sturdy enough to withstand the wind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a shower tent serve other functions?

A shower tent can also serve as a shelter when it starts to rain or somewhere you just change your clothes. All of these do not reduce their functionality.

How large should a shower tent be?

A shower tent should be big enough to accommodate a fully grown adult but moderate enough to be easily carried about.


Noting that there are several options for a camping shower setup, a guide would help you make the right purchase. In this review of the Best Camping Shower Setup for 2022, you would find it easier to make a suitable choice.