With the number of pocket knives available on the market, it has become increasingly challenging to find those, especially camping. 

Or is that true?

Specific options come with the reliability, strength, and versatility that help you have a great camping experience. In this post are several of the Best Camping Pocket Knife available for 2022.

Top 13 Best Camping Pocket Knife 2022

RoverTac Multitool Pocket Knife

With the RoverTac Multi-tool pocket knife, you are assured of getting the best out of your camping experience. No matter the camping nature, it is built to last as it is made from stainless steel, and the exteriors are coated with black oxidation. This can withstand the effects of corrosion and rust at the same time.

What else does this offer?

As a camping option, the pocket knife comes with a safeguard locking mechanism. This has been discretely integrated to prevent the blade from accidentally getting to your fingers. All you need to do is to push the safe area inwardly for it to fold.

There’s more:

For the sake of mobility, it comes with a reliable nylon pouch to keep the knife while it is not in use. You can conveniently wear it on the loop of your belt, making it easier to access whenever the need arises. The nylon pouch is protected to make sure the blade from the knife doesn’t cut into the fabric. 

If you need more than a pocket knife to go along with you on a camping trip, the RoverTac is a suitable option. As a multi-tool kit, it comes with other tools that can help when fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.


  • Comes with a strap-on pouch
  • Designed with an oxidation coating
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Has a safeguard mechanism


  • Quite hefty to lift


With this RoverTac design topping the list, it is hard to find other pocket knives that serve similar functions. However, as a folding camping knife, there are some survival knives that you could try out that are not on this post. Check out the linked post for the best survival knives available.

Pohaku Multitool Knife

The Pohaku Safety Pocket Knife is that bigger blade that provides you more in cutting through things. It gives you an extra three inches of cutting edge compared to the regular camping pocket knife.

Now to the details:

There is also a lock function that helps you keep the knife from causing an accident when not in use. Once the blade has been closed, the lock prevents it from coming out without your permission.  It comes with a one-hand mechanism that allows you to slide out the knife in a matter of seconds.

 All this requires is a simple push, and the one-hand operation is activated. In this regard, every tool can be opened separately without having to get to the pliers.

What else does this offer?

The pocket camping knife is designed with the best quality as it is made from a top-graded stainless steel component. This provides you with enough hardness and toughness for it to withstand even intense usage. It is resistant to corrosion and rust-causing elements, ensuring that you don’t have to change the knife too soon.

It contains several other efficient tools for a camping trip – plier sets, a can opener, a multifunction knife, screwdrivers, rope cutters, and more. All of this saves you the need to purchase another to serve these other functions.

However, you have to unfold the multifunctional set for you to have access to the pliers. But the other tools are easily accessible for quick reach.


  • Serves several functions
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Designed to be durable


  • Pliers don’t work without unfolding


Pohaku designed the camping knife to provide you with the best functionality needed to make your camping trip worth the while. But there are other options that you could try out. 

WINWILD Multitool Pocket Knife

Winwild designed the Camping knife to serve as an accessory that you rely on when out camping. A safety lock is included in the knife to prevent the knife from accidentally hurting you while not in use.

Here’s the deal:

Unlike the regular pocket-size knives that can be used for outdoor activities, the Windwild created this one to protect you as well. For this reason, if there is a need to fold the knife, all you are required to do is to press the liner lock. This liner would unlock the blade from the safety position to help you properly close the blade for storage.

How mobile is the knife?

Instead of placing the knife, among other things, it comes with its storage option with no extra purchasing cost. There is a nylon pouch that is durable enough to hold the knife when not in use. The pouch can be connected to the loop of your belt or simply place in a backpacking bag.

How about the frame?

Just as you have found with other blades on this list, his one is made from high-quality stainless steel that offers you the best protection. This automatically makes the knife rust and corrosion-resistant.

That’s not all:

The make of the frame makes it both a tough and durable option that saves quick replacements.


  • Comes with a liner lock
  • Can be stored with a nylon pouch
  • Designed to be accident-proof
  • Includes other useful tools


  • Not enough reviews


For more types of camping pocket knives, there are not so many reliable options on the market. The liner lock makes this one a distinctive choice, and so you can check other outdoor pocket knives. Here is a list of the best outdoor pocket knife for you to try out.

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Knife

When it comes to a camping knife with a remarkable amount of cutting edge, the Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Knife is the right choice. 

How is that?

The blade is approximately 3.1 inches long while weighing just 3.5 ounces. With this, you can cut more things and at a faster pace than the regular length knife. However, the knife functions are not hindered by weight, as this is an option that weighs almost nothing. Still, it is reliable to do the job.

An aluminum handle attached to the knife provides enough grip to let you cut through things much comfortably. The handle itself is coated in black to make it look more attractive and ensure the handle remains durable. Furthermore, they are complemented by stainless steel that comprises high carbon components.

What else can this offer?

If you always wanted that knife that provides both easy and quick access, this does that. It also features a convenient finger flipper and unique thumb knobs. This knife gives you the confidence you need to certify that the knife wouldn’t easily fall out of your hands while being used.


  • Has a finger flippers
  • Includes a thumb knob
  • Offers a cutting edge design
  • Looks stylish for a knife


  • Sometimes difficult to open and close


Among the list of knives for outdoor purposes, not all promise the best quality needed. In this regard, there are some that you could try out as they make up for equally great camping knives. 

Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife is both an agile and a compact option for a suitable camping experience. Victorinox has a history of creating reliable knives for several purposes, but this one was designed for outdoor recreational activities like camping.

There’s more:

The knife comes with a slimmer profile than other traditional camping knives, making it a better performer. The slim nature lets it cut through things much precisely and faster as they make for an increased level of sharpness.

Just as you would love it when out on a trip, you do not have to set up the knife to get it functioning. You can flip the blade right from the purchase, and at the targeted surface you intend to cut.  The quality of the knife makes it one that you can rely on to keep cutting for an extended period without becoming blunt soon.

How portable is this?

Noting that this is a pocket knife, it can be taken anywhere without taking up actual space. You can also choose to attach it to the loop of your belt.


  • Includes a multipurpose hook
  • Comes as a slimmer fit
  • Promises extra-sharpness
  • Can be carried about with ease


  • Some hooks look slightly bent


Since the Victorinox camping comes with slightly bent hooks, you may want other options. Well, there are other camping knives for you in the link attached. Check out other camping knives for you.

KINGMAX Camping Knife

As a sophisticated option, the Kingmax camping knife is designed for your safety. When open, the blade would be locked to ensure that it does not accidentally get to cut your hand. However, if it needs to be folded, you can release the safety lock for the blade to get into a foldable position.

What else does this knife offer?

The exteriors of the knife are covered in black oxide to keep it safe from moisture and other things that may cause it to rust. Yet, the blade itself is from stainless steel, and so it promises a durable, non-corrosive option for a camping trip.

Besides that, the handle comes with an ergonomic design that provides you a better grip while the knife is being used. No matter your use habit, the grooved handle design ensures it is done much comfortably.

How does it get connected?

When not in use, you can connect a nylon cloth bag to the loop of your belt for easy carriage from one location to another. This makes sure that you don’t have to look for extra packing space when going on a camping trip.


  • Can be moved about easily
  • Has a carrying bag
  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion


  • Has too many tools


This is one of the best products with reliable quality that could serve you on a camping trip.

Keenstone Pocket Knife

The Keenstone camping kit comes with not just one of the most outstanding camping knives but an ice breaker, bottle opener, saw, and more. There is also a tactical LED light that allows you to make use of the even with little lightings, such as night times.

The tactical light that comes with the knife has several settings depending on your current need – SOS, Strobe, high brightness, medium brightness, and low brightness. All of these settings ensure that you optimize the use of the camping knife.

There’s more:

The knife comes with a belt clip that serves as a storage area for the knife when not in use. What this does, saves you the risk of misplacing the knife due to the size. With the belt clips, you can lock it into position once you are done. There is also a push lock design that keeps you safe from the sharp edges of the knife.

If you have been worried about the torque screw that was used in holding the knife in place, then there is no need. The knife’s creation makes sure that it lasts for a long time without needing much maintenance practice. 


  • Includes an LED light
  • Has a belt clip
  • Designed for safety
  • Requires little to no maintenance


  • Not a reliable, safe lock design


The Keenstone makes it easy for you to maintain your camping knife. However, if you are confused about cleaning your pocket knife, check out this article for tips on cleaning your camping knife.

YICCU Hand Forged Viking Knife

Yiccu hand forged Viking knife provides an incredibly sharp option for a camping knife. As one of the best camping pocket knife, it can help you in slicing, peeling, and dicing food sources faster when on a trip. This makes it a great choice when you have to debone, skin, or do any high-demanding activity needing a knife.

Here’s is more:

It is made of high carbon steel and can be used as a professional boning knife as it is hard enough to be a durable design. Not only does it save you the cost of making another purchase sooner than necessary, but it is also easier to maintain. Unlike the traditional stainless steel design, this one comes is known to start without requiring frequent re-sharpening.

However, due to the high amount of carbon used in creating this knife, it is not safe to go into a dishwasher. You would have to manually wash the knife to keep it clean then dry after use to prevent it from getting rusted.

How does it react to food particles?

The knife has a hand-forged texture that prevents food particles from sticking to the surface while cooking.

Even though it weighs more than the traditional kitchen knife, it helps you cut easier by providing a better body balance. The handle comes as a black tang curved wooden surface for a more secured grip, which also has a large finger hole on the blade. A combination of all these makes the cut smoother, thereby ensuring the food being cut looks appealing.


  • Promises smother cuts
  • Maximizes body weight
  • Doesn’t need frequent sharpening
  • Serves professional purposes


  • Susceptible to rusting
  • Allows only a hand wash


Yiccu is a hand-forged option that requires little to no maintenance practices. Users do not have to sharpen the blade for functionality constantly. Still, you have to ensure you apply the right cleaning tricks when using the knife to ensure that it remains reliable.

XYJ 6 inch Boning Knife

The XYJ Bonin knife is a portable design that could work on a camping trip as it offers you a V-shaped design. This promises you fine processing with each cut made using the knife. Also, the knife stays sharp for as long as necessary while retaining its quality and robustness.

Is that all there is?

A safety hole is placed into the blade of this knife that improves the feeling that you get while working. The hole also has a way of ensuring that you are safety conscious and your fingers don’t get cut while using the knife.

With the XYJ boning knife, you are offered a six-inch advantage that provides you a cutting-edge performance. It also has a portable leather sheath that comes with the purchase, allowing you to carry the knife from one destination to another without holding it in your hands. 

Even though the leather sheath may originally come with the overwhelming smell of leather, it can be handled by leaving it in a ventilated place just before you go on your trip.

How about maintenance?

This is one area you have to pay attention to as it is harmful to have chemical substances on it for too long. Once you have cleaned out the knife, ensure you use a clean towel to get rid of the liquid leftover.


  • Comes with a leather sheath
  • Includes a safety hole
  • Stays sharp for long
  • Can be easily maintained


  • Not entirely stainless steel


XYJ is a boning knife that comes in handy when on a camping trip. To have other options check out these options. Here are other best camping knives that are available on the market.

Kizer Begleiter Pocket Knife

The Kizer Begleiter Pocket Knife comes with a better grip for you to cut through things without having it shaking. This comes in handy when you have to cut through thick chunks of meat of something that require effort.  It is enabled by having the right size of the blade that has enough strength and yet not too bulky.

There’s more:

With the Kizer Begleiter, the brown G10 handle is complemented with a stainless steel blade which is highly reliable. The blade is made to withstand the effects of corrosion and rust, ensuring that the blade can last long. This makes it unnecessary for you to change the knife much frequently, thereby saving you cost.

If you want an option that is ideal enough to be carried on a camping trip, then this is the right camping pocket knife for you. It promises both functionality and comfort all at once.

There are other things that you would have to be useful on your camping trip. As a folding camping knife, you can open up more than just the knife. This is another way that this knife proves to be cost-efficient as you don’t need to buy extra camping tools.


  • Offers improved functionality
  • Has a stainless steel blade
  • Provides more body balance
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion


  • Not enough reviews


Kizer Begleiter is a tough option that works well when you are out on a camping trip. But there are others you can check out. 

Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife

The Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife is a camping knife that is both easy to clean and yet efficient. With the Miniature classic, you can easily carry the knife from one place to another. 

How does this work?

There is a pocket clip that functions as a sheath for the knife when not in use. This ensures that accidents don’t occur and the knife is properly locked when not in use. It is important that the full fine edge blade. All of this is powered by a distinctive frame lock.

It is also light weighing, which makes it easy for you to work on a long-term basis. Unlike other heavier models and brands, the Gerber Paraframe eliminates the possibility of your fingers getting numb while cutting.

The blade frame is made from stainless steel, which is highly reliable no matter how intense you use the knife. 


  • Comes with a security clip
  • Has a stainless steel blade
  • Reduces the strain on the fingers
  • Can be easily maintained


  • Can be hard to close


This pocket knife is very lightweight and easy for everyday carry. And however, if this does not suit your needs, there are other camping knives available.

Hang- 1 Pack of Multifunctional Knife

The Hang-1 Pack of Multifunctional Knife is an option for a camping knife that carries almost all the needed accessories on a trip like this. There is a spoon, fork, wine opener, can opener, a bottle opener that functions with the knife.

The knife comes with an independent design that lets you use all the tools in the set without bringing them all out. This is much better than making use of the regular plastic tableware that is traditionally for camping trips.

There’s more:

It is clear that camping accessories are supposed to be lightweight, and so this pack of multifunctional knife is light weighing as well. If you do not want to attach this to your belt’s loop, it can easily go into the glove box, lunch bag, or any other compartment necessary for a camping trip.


  • Can fit into any area
  • Designed to be lightweight
  • Includes an independent design
  • Has all the necessary hardware


  • Can be difficult to pick out the knife


The Hang-1 Pack multifunctional pocket knife is one of the best options available, suitable for travelers and students. Can be used in any situation.

TAC Force Pocket Knife

The TAC Force is another reliable camping pocket knife that comes with a half-serrated stainless steel blade. To ensure that the knife is safe from the effects of rust and corrosion, the stainless steel blade is coated with a form of black oxidation. 

Here’s the deal:

Also, the handle of the pocket knife doubles as a bottle opener. It is designed with aluminum which provides the strength needed for opening cans without compromising the quality of the handle itself. Apart from that, there is also a glass breaker that comes in handy during an emergency.

An emergency may necessitate that you have a glass breaker while on a trip, so this provides that enablement. It can also be used to break through ice surfaces if you decide to go fishing in such areas. This is one way to save you the cost and stress of buying a different ice breaker.

This is one camping pocket knife that makes it easy for you to access much easier when the need appears. There is a one-handed deployment that is assisted by a spring and a liner lock that keeps the blade in place. As one of the most suitable pocket knives for camping, this takes away any possibility of an accident.

For easy carriage, a pocket clip serves as a storage area for the pocket knife when not in use. 


  • Comes with a half-serrated blade
  • Has a pocket clip
  • Employ a one-handed accessibility feature
  • Designed with stainless steel


  • Slightly awkward grip


The TAC force may have a slightly awkward grip, but other ones make up for this inadequacy. 

What factors to keep in mind before buying a Camping Pocket Knife?

Before placing an order for a camping pocket knife, there are certain factors that you have to check out. These factors would help you ensure that you have chosen the right option. 

Cost of purchase

Whatever camping pocket knife you purchase must be within your spending limit, going for one that is above your budget could affect your financial status for a period, and so it is important to make a choice based on what you can afford.

Safety measures

Knives are designed to be sharp before they are regarded to be effective. In this regard, when not in use, a pocket knife could cause accidents. To avoid accidents from a pocket knife, certain products come with a locking mechanism.


It is okay to go for a camping knife, but other accessories may come in handy while camping. You may need a bottle opener, tableware, and more. With a camping knife designed for versatility, you would have access to an option that provides other tools rather than just a camping knife.


Always ensure that the blade of the knife is tough enough to last a while. Check out for those that are made of stainless steel or high-carbon steel components. They are resistant to corrosion and rust-causing components.

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates a Pocket Knife from a Kitchen Knife?

Both the Kitchen Knife and the Pocket Knife are used for cutting through food items, but they still have their differences. The Kitchen knife is hardly portable to carry about, while the portable knife can easily go on the loop of your belt. 

How can a pocket knife be maintained?

Most pocket knives can be easily maintained by a hand wash and clean with a dry cloth. However, if there are particles stuck on the knife, you can use certain chemicals. But, ensure that the chemicals do not stay on the surface too long.


Among the knives that are available for camping purposes, some are more reliable than others. For that reason, this post covers the Best Camping Pocket Knife available for 2022. With the information here, it becomes quite easier for you to make the right choice of a camping knife.