You would agree that food is important to life generally and peculiar for different outdoor activities. It is very important to plan food for camping before going because this article compiles the best collapsible cooler for camping in 2022. It is important to note that this article provides insight into having memorable camping with the most affordable collapsible coolers.

9 Best Collapsible Coolers for Camping in 2022

1. Coleman Portable Cooler with Wheels

Coleman Portable Cooler with wheels is a perfect cooler for outdoor activities like camping and sporting events. The cooler is made from durable plastic material, which makes it survive the harsh handling that comes with camping. More so, its dimension makes it wide enough for campers to keep many things.

You would agree that a cold drink is necessary during camping after a long day of fun activities. It has an EZ-Clean Lid that makes cleaning it easy using a wipe. This feature makes your cooler always available for the next outdoor gathering with easy cleanup. 

The cooler has an in-built system that is well-molded in the lid. This design serves as holders for the cups to prevent spills and keep them handy. It has a great handle that makes moving the cooler convenient even when its storage is full and compact. 

Finally, the Coleman Portable Cooler has wheels that are strong and rugged. You can conveniently drag your cooler using the handle. Rough terrain does not impede this. 

The cooler is packed with insulating materials that support long hours of ice retention. Also, you can allow excess water to escape through the leak-resistant drain.


  • Long hours of ice retention
  • Easy mobility and great sturdiness
  • Great handiness of cups
  • Affordable for all


  • Hard to replace the lid


The Coleman cooler is ideal for your bottled and canned drinks, perishable food, ingredients, and more. It does great for its market price.  

2. Igloo 25 Qt BMX Cooler

Igloo 25 QT BMX Cooler is made from a polypropylene material, ensuring its sturdiness, durability, and lasting hours of ice retention. The cooler has bearable weight, and anyone can lift it. Its performance is second to none as it can withstand tough conditions and provide optimum service. 

It has a reinforced base that serves as protection and strength to the cooler. The lid is layered with extra-thick foam to allow about three days of ice retention. The grip is rubber, and the handle is triple pointed to aid firm grip. 

It has four tie-down points and a fish ruler at the lid to help with convenience. The cool riser technology is to help the cooling performance to be optimum. The outward material is made of UV inhibitors to prevent any sun damage on the cooler and improve its life. 

The handle is rust-resistant and designed to secure the grip if there is a need to lift the cooler. This works in collaboration with the 3 point grab handle designed for one-handed carry. 


  • Long-lasting cooling performance
  • Sturdy and handy
  • Lightweight and perfect for outdoor activities
  • Price is affordable


  • Small for a large outdoor activity


The igloo 25 QT BMX Cooler is a perfect cooler for events outside the house.  You can keep many things in it and ensure optimum coolness from them. 

3. Igloo Polar Cooler Family

The igloo polar 120 cooler has ultratherm insulation in the lid and body to maintain ice for a long period. The big-sized igloo polar cooler is big enough and will serve a large family during camping. It can allow enough food and cans that can go around for your large crew during camping. 

The handle has swing-up and reinforced handles that can let you hold the cooler tight if you have to move it. The material is made from plastic which contributes to its lightweight. People use it for several outdoor activities, including camping, hunting, or sporting events. 

It has a drain plug where you can attach a water hose to it to remove water. 


  • Perfect ice retention even in hot conditions
  • Great and firm handles for a strong grip
  • Can accommodate a large number of can
  • Lightweight for easy mobility


  • Big size and will require an extra hand to move when it is filled


The Igloo polar cooler family is designed to be suitable for families in different events. People also use to maintain ice in ceremonies and parties. 

4. Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler

The Coleman steel belted cooler is a perfect cooler that makes you have a memorable camp experience. The charming cooler has a generous space that allows many items to be in it. It is the perfect and ideal companion for your next tailgating party or any camping trip.

The cooler has a nostalgic classic design that rekindles your outdoor memories and ignites the passion for subsequent ones. It is tall and large enough to accommodate many items – snacks, cooking ingredients, beverages, drinks, etc. The walls and lid are made from optimum insulation that allows ice retention for a long duration. 

With its great handle and firm grip, you can easily transport the cooler to the next ballpark, or tent, or any destination. The lid is designed to support your weight, and you can sit on it for a while upon arrival as you enjoy your cold drink. Also, when it is time to pack up and leave, you can drain excess water via the leak-resistant channel without tilting the cool. 


  • High capacity with the lovely retro design
  • Large space to accommodates many items
  • Great insulation property that supports lasting ice retention
  • A great grip that supports easy handling, carrying, and lifting


  • Has no compartment


The Coleman steel belted cooler has a retro design that makes it ideal for every outdoor activity. They come in different colors, and you can select one of your choices. Also, if you don’t necessarily like the color options, consider painting your cooler yourself.

5. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Cooler

The arctic zone titan is a zipperless cooler that can keep ice. The deep freeze has high-performance insulation because of its radiant heat barrier and layer, which combines to ensure cooling. The cooler has a zipperless lid that makes it easy to access drinks and food without much ado. 

It is a soft sided collapsible cooler with compartments that you can allocate to each item in the cooler. It has an insulated front pocket that aids ice retention for hours and a rhino-tech exterior that is water-resistant, tough, and clean easily. It has a SmartShelf that helps to keep soft stuff from hard stuff such that drinks don’t crush sandwiches. 

There is an adjustable back saver shoulder strap that aids its usability and convenience. This makes lifting easy and lowers muscle stress. 


  • Easy access to food and drinks
  • High insulation performance
  • Radiant heat barrier for optimum effectiveness
  • An ultra-safe leak that allows easy cleaning


  • Cannot accommodate more than 30 cans


The Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler has great technology that makes it easy to use. It is an excellent suggestion for a fun-filled outdoor event.

6. ROCKBROS Soft Cooler

Rockbros soft cooler 30 can-insulated leakproof is a great collapsible travel cooler with optimum cooling performance. It is appropriate for fishing, camping, picnics, road beach trip, and golf. Its excellent cooling performance keeps drinks cool and food fresh for as long as you are indoor. 

The material is made with an airtight zipper and waterproof TPU to ensure the cool air remains in. The cooler is large and accommodating for several items. The outside is strong and durable and does not allow easy piercing by sharp objects. 

The design makes it comfortable to use. It has an anchor-shaped zipper tool that makes it easy to open and close the cooler. There is an external suspension designed for hanging some necessities needed for the outdoor event. 

It has a detachable shoulder strap which is helpful to carry the cooler. This is easy because the strap has a soft pad and can be easily carried on the shoulder. You can add more straps to be able to carry heavy drinks.


  • Insulated leak proof to enhance performance
  • Durable and prevents puncture from sharp objects
  • Large and accommodating for many items
  • Easy mobility for light and heavy drinks


  • The zipper could be horrible and hard to replace


The Rockbros soft cooler is a good one for outdoor activities. It spices your picnics up with cold drinks. 

7. Blue Coolers Companion Cooler

Blue Coolers Companion Cooler is a great cooler that has strong insulation. It can maintain ice for about ten days. It is a great chest of ice perfectly designed for traveling, camping, family barbecues, outdoor activities, or keeping your drinks cold for a while. 

The cooler is a chest cooler that can accommodate a large number of drinks and food. It has a non-skid base, freezer style gasket, lockable lid, a rapid drain system, firm grip handles, and other cool features. It is a great idea for a cooler for your camping experience. 

It is made to be rugged and durable, which helps to maintain consistency and is free of inconsistencies. The indestructible design makes the cooler a perfect option for trips. Also, you can give out to families for gifts or souvenirs.

Either it is on a sunny day of a soccer game or the beach, the blue cooler’s companion cooler is perfect for your activities. It encourages staying hydrated all through your daily physical or fun activities. It comes majorly in blue color. 


  • Large and accommodating to many items
  • Strong insulation property
  • Durable and reliable
  • Can be given as gifts to family and loved ones


  • Large and will occupy much space during trips


Blue coolers companion cooler is one of the best collapsible coolers for camping in 2022. It is a top-rated cooler and a highly recommended one. 

8. YETI Tank 45 Bucket Cooler

Yeti Tank 45 Bucket Cooler is a great cooler made from polyester material. This polyester material is responsible for its durability and ruggedness. The bucket cooler can accommodate 52 cans of your most loved beer. 

The cooler is a great suggestion for you to enjoy your next camping or get-together. It has an insulation property that makes the foods or drinks cold for a long period of time. Also, draining is easier with the Vortex Drain System. Also, it has DoubleHaul Handles, which help to drain and load. 

The tank bucket cooler is 21 long and 21 wide. The weight is light and easy to lift or move around. However, the lids are sold differently from the entire cooler. 

The cooler makes items secured, easily accessible, and optimally dry. 


  • Last longer and durable
  • Maintains coldness for a hours
  • Can accommodate a great number of drinks
  • Draining is easy, and items are dry


  • The extra cost of the lid
  • Not affordable to all


Yeti tank 45 cooler is reliable, but it does not come with its lids when you purchase it. Hence, do not be surprised if your cooler is delivered without its lid or you are charged an extra cost for the lid. 

9. Engel ENG123 High Performance Cooler

Engel ENG123 High Performance Cooler has great performance when it comes to ice retention. It is made from great insulation property that allows retaining ice for 7 to 8 days. It has a unique airtight freezer which keeps the lid intact even after an item has just been removed from it. 

The sturdy cooler is non-skid, and hence, it can sit or stand well. Also, there are skid pads that keep the cooler in the right shape. The cooler is easy to clean because the deck is off the ground. 

The cooler is of great performance because some people use it as a portable freezer for their businesses. There are different sizes and colors of the Engel ENG123 High Performance Cooler. Their sizes vary based on the number of items they can accommodate, but they all have the level of performance. 

Hence, you can take your business’ Engel high performance cooler for camping. After all, it is a very portable cooler. More so, that would save you the extra cost of purchasing a cooler.  


  • Great insulation property
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and strong
  • Airtight and high performance


  • Not affordable for all households


Well, Engel ENG123 High Performance Cooler is a large collapsible cooler for camping. It is undoubtedly one of the best collapsible coolers for camping in 2022 because it has a great ice retention property. 


There are several questions people ask about the best collapsible coolers for camping. No one wants to get an ineffective product, hard to clean, hard to move around, and much more. Hence, here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

How many days can the cooler retain ice? 

There are different coolers, and they have varying ice retaining abilities. Ice can melt under 8 to 10 hours for some coolers, while some high performing coolers can maintain ice for about eight days. At the end of the day, the difference is always due to the purpose of the cooler.

A camping cooler should averagely be able to maintain ice for about 12 hours such that your drinks and food are cold from dawn till night. If the cooler is easy to clean, you can easily clean it the next morning and keep your drinks and ice cubes in it. This makes you have a portion of clean food and drink consumption all through your camp days. 

High performing coolers are good but more ideal for business purposes. Except you have one at home already which you want to use for an outdoor event, it is not advisable to purchase a high performing cooler for camping purposes alone. Obviously, their price is on the high side, but they are also hard to maintain, especially in a setting like camp. 

The best coolers are those that can serve their purpose and provide maximum satisfaction. 

Which collapsible cooler is the best? 

There are hundreds of collapsible coolers, and every cooler maker will claim to have provided the best collapsible cooler. In as much as their intentions may be true, some collapsible coolers cannot serve their purposes, and they are not better than having none.

The truth is that there are several factors one must consider before purchasing a cooler. Some of these factors include.

  1. Portability: a cooler does not need to be so big before it can contain a substantial number of items. Since the purpose is camping, having a cooler that you can easily move around is very important. There might be different reasons that can warrant moving the cooler to a campground. 

You do not always want to seek assistance before you can move the cooler to the next spot. Get a portable cooler. 

  1. Durability: a durable cooler is as important as purchasing a cooler in the first place. No one wants to get a cooler that stops functioning at the next moment of use. Examine the product maker of the cooler and how reliable their products can be. 
  2. Frequency of use: how frequently you want to use your cooler is a major consideration too. The best coolers can serve human purposes whenever they are needed. However, if you need a cooler for just camping moments, you may not need to get high-performing coolers.
  3. Capacity: capacity is another essential consideration for getting a good collapsible cooler. A cooler can be very effective but not able to accommodate many items. This is in no way better because it may imply that you have to purchase more than one cooler to meet all of your needs. 

Any cooler that cannot accommodate 30 items conveniently is less recommended. The capacity of the cooler is very vital to having a pleasurable camping experience. 

  • Specific needs: there are different needs for coolers. Some coolers are ideal for food and some for drinks. Hence, getting a food cooler to store drinks may not be as effective as using a drink cooler to store drinks. Check the cooler description and ensure it meets your requirement of specific needs. 

How easy to clean is the cooler?

It is very important to get an easy to clean cooler for several reasons. You are going to a camp, and you do not want the highlight of it to be you always having a good time ensuring the cooler is clean. Camp is different from home because serious cleaning is more difficult at camp than at home. 

Nevertheless, cleaning the cooler is necessary because of the food items you keep in it. You need to consume healthily and also avoid the unpleasant smell of an airtight container. So, you should opt for an easy to clean cooler. 

Different coolers have different features that allow them easily drain water. Also, some have skids that lift the base of the coolers above the ground, leaving you with little cleaning to do. You can use wipes or towels to clean the inner part of your coolers after using and draining them.

It is very important to allow the water in the cooler to dry up before restocking with the next ice cubes and drinks. This process will avoid bad smells, especially for airtight containers.

Can I keep other items in it? 

Well, this is based on what the cooler is designed to keep. Sometimes, it is not ideal for keeping other items in a cooler and save the cooler’s purpose. However, you are at the camp, and there is no luxury of options. You may have to work with what you have to get what you want. 

As a result, you should get a multi-functional cooler which can allow you to keep food and drinks in them. You would agree that food requires a colder temperature to preserve them because of the easy microbial effect. Hence, you may need a more effective cooler with high ice retention to preserve your food. 

Most of the time, a high performing cooler is a better option to keep both food and drinks effectively. It always different tray sections that allow you to preserve your food while the drinks are arranged too.

How rugged is the cooler? 

There is no reason to go to a camp or an outdoor event with a not rugged cooler. Beginning from packing loads for the event, the cooler would have been subjected to different external pressures. For example, it may fall while being kept in the vehicle, or something else can be placed on it. 

Also, getting to the camp is a call for more ruggedness. Sometimes, you want to drag the cooler to the next spot. You may be tempted to sit on the cooler after taking a drink too. A fragile cooler cannot experience such mishandling.

Finally, you can have a cooler designated for camp. You do not want to go buy another cooler when it is time to go for your next camp visit. Hence, a rugged cooler is inevitable before going camping, during camping activities, after camping is over, and for your next visit to the camp. 

How much do I need to get a high quality cooler?

Prices are not fixed, and they vary based on products, purpose, material, ruggedness, and special functions. Some coolers are effective and ridiculously cheap, while some could be expensive but not effective in their functions. 

Well, the list above contains the best collapsible cooler for camping in 2022. The collapsible coolers are not only good, but they are affordable. Their prices are affordable while they provide effectiveness at their peak. 

With less than $30, you can get a collapsible cooler that is perfect for camp. However, the list of the coolers above is highly recommended and will serve their camping functions. Sincerely, you may need more to get upgraded versions of the coolers. Other coolers, made from stainless steel, will be more expensive, but they would be more reliable in the long term.

Article Summary

Due to your past unfortunate experience(s), you may want to rule out being able to get a dependable collapsible cooler for your next visit to the camp. This article is a buyer’s guide to the best collapsible cooler for camping in 2022. There is an array of options provided in the article, and you can pick anyone that satisfies your needs.