Make a list and check it twice… It’s time for a camping trip! The days are getting longer, and the weather is warming up nationwide. You know what that means—summer is on its way! With spring and summer come urges to get out of the house and into nature. If you’re goin’ camping, be sure to bring the best heavy duty camping chair you can find. Trust us, and it makes all the difference.

Top 9 Heavy Duty Camping Chairs 2022

ALPHA CAMP Camping Folding Chair

Let’s start with the Alpha—a true leader of the pack. This oversized camping chair has some significant advantages due to its excellent design for users of all shapes and sizes. Reviewers commented that camp chairs for big guys could be hard to come by, but this one truly takes first place. Users worldwide have high levels of respect for this one: the first choice for good reasons:


  • Supports up to 450lb
  • Steel frame
  • Padded armrests
  • Cup holder and side pocket


  • Supports large weight but not the most durable if used by child/rough play
  • Very large, which is great for many, but too much to handle for petite people


It’s a solid design and performance. While most users are reverencing the inventors, some aren’t fans of its overly large frame or durability value in rough terrain circumstances. 

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

ALPS has it going on. This heavy duty camping chair is made for rugged adventures, as its brand name implies. Users are inspired to go on whatever adventure comes their way with this mountaineer’s resting spot. This is a good heavy duty folding camping chair. 


  • Simple design is easy to unfold/put away
  • Double cup holders
  • Double side pockets
  • Comes in several color options


  • Some users feel the design is uncomfortable for their medium to smaller size
  • The seat is made for larger/longer legs, so the front ledge of the seat bottom is too far out for some users


The biggest negative about this choice is a matter of smaller users. People with short legs may find the seat bottom doesn’t suit their anatomy. However, for those with longer legs and medium to large bodies, this choice is top of the mountain! 

Timber Ridge XXL Directors Chair

Wow, if there was ever a perfect gift for adventure enthusiasts, this is IT! The Timber Ridge XXL Director’s Chair will make you feel like every nature excursion is a theatrical endeavor… in a very fun way. The extra-broad seat bottom makes this chair unique and comfortable for large bodies (or a few smaller ones). 


  • Uniquely shaped
  • Extra wide
  • Very sturdy
  • Has a pop up side table


  • Some may find it is simply too wide for basic usage
  • “Heavy duty” is apparent in weight (too heavy for less-strong people)
  • The side table could get in the way and is obstructive to easy use if not finding value/using very often


The XXL label in the name of this chair is no joke. While it is quite heavy compared to some, it is also very durable and made for the long haul. And it truly makes any camping trip (even mini backyard stay-cations!) feel a bit more fun. 

PORTAL Large Folding Camping Chair

Well, the brand knows what it’s doing—that’s for sure! Sitting in this chair is kind of like entering a portal to another vibe. This option’s design is significantly inviting for those who are wanting that “comfy” nature experience. The design on this one is made for sitting and enjoying a chilly night wrapped in a blanket with a campfire, yet durable enough for rugged terrain. 


  • Made to last
  • Gives that sofa-chill vibe in an easy to use camping chair
  • Padded yet easy to clean
  • Fun color


  • 280-300lb weight limit may be on edge for some larger bodies or uses
  • While the padding is great for some, others realized it’s just too much for basic use
  • The winged arms are fun but not convenient if you prefer the openness of normal armrests


This is certainly unique. And not every heavy duty camping chair win points for being sofa-like at the same time! The big question for this chair is: does the user want that super chill sofa vibe while camping? If yes, go ahead and click “buy”. If not, consider another option. 

Homcosan Portable Camping Chair

What a unique design to add to your camping collection! Besides the convenient feature of a storage bag and beverage holder, Homcosan designed a chair that’s ready for basic assembly and pack-up within seconds. So, while it is a simpler design than most options in this list, the space gained by the ergonomic shapeliness equals more room in the trunk for other items.  


  • Simple shape and design
  • Easy to unfold and pack up
  • Padded armrests
  • Several color options


  • The quality of the carry bag is far lower than the chair itself
  • Due to its medium size, it is functional for tall people only for more practical needs
  • As a result of the material used on the seat, some users complain that the rain causes a puddle on the seat (no drainage)


The takeaway here is that this is a basic camping chair with high ratings for a few particular reasons. Mainly, the raving folks are happy about this product for ease of use and durability. However, it isn’t the fancy chair with a thousand fun features. Also, take note: this chair does not have a particularly high weight limit or width. 

Helinox Chair One XL

The Magefesa Praga pot featured here is a basic chair for ease of use, with a fascinating design color. This pot is a fun addition to any camping collection, and many nature-lovers are also loving the unique mesh and fabric blend (read: better in wet situations).  


  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Ergonomic and no armrests, which can be nice (more space/more open on both sides)


  • Too basic for some
  • The scooped, square shape means you’ll still have to adjust, and this is not a typical chair (think more like a laid-back, beanbag experience)
  • One color option


This is a great basic chair with a unique design feature. You’ll need to decide if armrests are a deal breaker for you (as this option lacks that typical chair design). The ergonomic and easy to handle frame makes it good for all ages. Younger crowds may appreciate the uniqueness more than your classic older mountaineer. 

Coleman Camping Chair with Build in Cooler

Wow, what a well-crafted piece of camping gear! The Coleman Camping Chair features a 4-can cooler build right into the design. This is a drool-worthy thing (for camp’n’drink folks). A thick frame backs this up for a quality sitting experience). It comes in a few options for color choice, and reviewers think it’s fun to own a more personalized piece of camping gear. 


  • Build in 4-can cooler
  • Sturdy design
  • Various colors available
  • Basic, classic shape


  • While the cup holder is mesh, the seat has no drainage
  • Weight limit is 325lb, so this isn’t for the heaviest users
  • The cooler is fun but not top-notch
  • Some feel the storage and beverage holder features are more in the way than they are useful


If you may be a beer- or soda-can-loving individual, this is a great choice. It can also make for a fun gift if you know someone who is. However, if you (or the person you’re buying this for) is not a beverage-needy person, the extra flaps may be more intrusive than you’d like to commit to in a chair purchase.

Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chair

Kijaro has not been in the business for all that long, but wow, what a joy their up-to-date adventure technology is! This camping chair is just another fantastic example of something Kijaro is known for: an impressive color spectrum. Their bright and unique array of quality color choices is an intentional part of their offerings. Namely, they’ve been inspired by the bright and beautiful world we live in and create a line of material-color choices for their gear that will be sure to bring out the adventurous spirit in you as you browse their options. 


  • Very cool, unique color options
  • Mix of mesh and fabric that is easy-drying
  • Basic cup holder on each armrest
  • Cup holders are also mesh (convenient for cold drinks on hot days)


  • Very basic design
  • Not particularly padded
  • The nuts and bolts may be loose upon arrival, and you may want to check those regularly (upon recurring uses)
  • Some users felt it wasn’t quite as sturdy as other chairs they’ve tried


The Kijaro is here to impress while providing a basic and ergonomic design. It is a heavy duty on the relative scale of camping chairs, but not necessarily for the most rugged uses or the larger individuals that may be on your journey with you. 

KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair

We have saved what is potentially the most unique for last! There is nothing old or old-fashioned about this King Camp beach camping chair. You’ll be “hanging 10” in your soul as you rest in this low-sling chair. This is definitely made for the beach-life nature lover and is particularly useful whether you are just breaking away for the day or embarking on a beach-front excursion. It has a few unique, water-safe design features that other normal chairs lack as it is made for beach-going. If you love the sand or want to feel that sunshine’n’sand vibe, check this one out.  


  • Unique design from handles to shape
  • Made to be extra lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Built in cup holder


  • Definitely low-sling; not useful if you have any interest in separation from the ground
  • Not great for people that have trouble lowering themselves down/getting up
  • Dries quick but not the best for immediate drainage


The KingCamp is a great buy for beach lovers, whether you’re planning a weeklong beach camping getaway or just grabbing a few hours on the sand. The low-sling is a unique shape that some will love, and others may hate, so be sure to consider the user’s ability to bend and rise up when buying. 

Buying Guide

What makes for the best heavy duty camping chair? We have a few pointers below to help you on your journey of choosing the best camping chair for your outdoorsy needs! 

1. Consider Other Uses

Camping is so-called for the obvious reason—they are excellent for camping usage! Often this means they have built in cup-holders or storage bags or unique shapes made to handle a variety of body shapes (from extra wide to extra tall). However, these fantastic designs are valuable for a host of other reasons.  Since even the avid adventurer will probably have some other less-intense trips in between, this means you can make the best choice based on your overall life (if you take a moment and consider it in advance).  Consider the variety of experiences you may run into on your personal favorite type of camping trips as well. Make a list of those features that you think you would be optimal for a camping chair with your unique lifestyle in mind. 

2. Classic or Otherwise

Consider whether you want more of a “classic” design or some kind of unique shape/style Older adventurers may even have more of an easy time appreciating their new chair if it looks and feels the way they’re used to, despite any extra cool features or shapes. If buying for someone else, really think of their personality but add their physical orientation to the equation. Be sure you choose a shape or design that will give them the most comfortable and convenient experience possible. 

3. Something to Lean On

Some camping chairs have padded armrests, some do not, and then other unique designs don’t have armrests at all! Do you like the idea of an added comfort measure of padding material on your camping gear? Some may find this intrusive, while others find this feature to be invaluable. Many are much more comfortable with this recent trend. Another thing to consider is what you normally do/where you normally go that requires a camping chair. Is it somewhere that a drink holder would be helpful? How about two? How about a mini cooler-sized attachment? Be sure to consider this when comparing your top options.  

4. Lock It Up

Some camping chairs have a locking feature. Whether a more lightweight design or an innately hardcore frame, a locking mechanism is quite helpful for the extra safety it provides. Most chairs with any kind of locking mechanism will list it pretty obviously. Be sure to pay attention and see if your favorite possibilities have this or not if this is a safety measure you feel better about having. This is particularly useful for any home with children or when giving a camping chair gift to a household that may travel with pets. 

5. Weight A Minute… 

For this last point, we’re going to focus on the pounds: who is sitting in this chair most of the time? Just because a chair says “heavy duty” or “extra wide” doesn’t mean it’s perfect for the larger man, woman, etc., who may be using this chair. Just because a person is of higher weight doesn’t immediately translate to preferring a wider seat. Vice versa, you may have someone who prefers the roominess of a wide seat but isn’t requiring high weight ratings. Pay attention to the reviews listing these sorts of comments if either height, width, or weight limits are of concern to you or the person you are adventuring with. 


What makes camping chairs heavy duty? See just a few FAQ’s below to help you finalize your choices: 

How do I pick the right shape for me? 

  • Try watching videos like this one, where people literally compare camping gear for your viewing pleasure. 
  • Think about the types of chairs you typically sit in. What makes them comfortable, shape-wise?
  • Think about the locations you will be whipping out your new chair in; are you going to be up and down (and perhaps need a simple, higher place to plop)? Or, maybe you’re envisioning cozying up to a bonfire most of the time. In that case, you might enjoy a unique design from something tech-forward to beanbag style.
  • Big guys or gals may have unique needs beyond the weight limit. Especially if buying this as a gift, think of the person’s general abilities who will be using this chair most often. 

Should I go for extra features or more basic?

  • There are some crazy features on camping seats nowadays. 
  • The types of features you should look for need to be entirely based on your lifestyle and needs. 
  • Don’t get swepped up in purchasing a chair simply for great reviews if the most talked about feature is something that you aren’t interested in. 
  • It’s important to think about features not only, so you have what you want, but (maybe more importantly) so you don’t have what you don’t want. If you like the flexibility of extra open space on both sides, super-heavy-duty pockets or beverage coolers may be the most annoying thing to you. Vice versa, for another camper, this one feature alone may be the thing that tops off their whole trip experience!

Do I need the seat to have drainage or mesh?

  • Like most of our other comments up to this point, you need to think about your personalized needs and not get distracted by others’ opinions. 
  • Some hate mesh bottom seats due to the texture they can leave on your exposed legs in the summer heat, while others find the mesh to be a cool (and cooling) feature. 
  • Alternatively, a mesh back can be very helpful for breeze and quick-drying, or it can be obnoxious on a cold night when you’re trying to be as insulated as possible. 
  • Really try to envision or write down your most likely environments and purchase a chair accordingly. 


So, what’s the best heavy duty camping chair for your household? It depends on your preferences with camping adventure locations. You should also consider what other uses this new piece of gear could have in your life. For example, might you be traveling to the beach and need a chair there too? How about tailgating or other sports events? Some may even prefer to have “camping” chairs as their go-to backyard furniture for a portable option that doesn’t have to stay outside due to weather or wind safety. Really make this purchase all about YOUR experience globally and have confidence that you’re your own best guide.