Wool blankets for camping aren’t limited in the market, but good and high-quality ones are hard to come by. With this in mind, I’ve gone ahead and have done the leg work for you. So, to find the best wool blankets for camping in 2022, keep reading.

Top 7 Wool Blankets of 2022 Review

1. Woolly Mammoth Wool Camp Blanket

The first recommendation on this list is the Woolly Mammoth Woolen outdoor wool blanket. The reason to add this product to the list is because of the premium quality it offers. This wool blanket is on the expensive end of our selection but should that scare you away from purchasing it? 

Of course not!

If it’s in your budget, this wool blanket by Woolly Mammoth has all the features you’d be looking for. So why should you purchase this one over the others? It’s pretty expensive after all. 

To start, it is easily one of the largest wool blankets on this list. As far as weight goes, it weighs a hefty 4 lbs. While that may seem like a pain to carry around during a camping trip, it’ll all be worth it because this blanket can keep you warm easily.

This blanket is made with 80% virgin merino wool. For those who don’t know what that means, it is made using wool that is not recycled.

But why should that be a concern?

Well, if a blanket uses recycled wool, it usually means it was broken down to produce the wool blanket.

See where I’m going with this? Constant breakdown means your blanket won’t last as long. This isn’t the case with this Woolly Mammoth blanket. They ensure you get the warmth and softness you’d want in a wool blanket.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Made of Virgin Merino Wool
  • 80% wool
  • Milled Finish for more density


  • Expensive
  • Large and Heavy


While it may be the most expensive blanket on the list of best wool blankets for camping, Woolly Mammoth ensures you get your money’s worth with the blanket’s premium build.

2. Arcturus Buffalo Plaid Wool Blanket

The Arcturus Buffalo Plaid Wool Blanket offers quality at an affordable price to the less pricey outdoor wool blanket on the list. What differentiates this blanket from the others is the style and comfort it offers, not to mention the blanket’s quality is also great. Like the blanket mentioned before, it is composed of 80% wool.

However, the other 20%, however, is composed of synthetic fibers that increase the blanket’s durability and make it washable, should that be important to you. Some manufacturers recommend you don’t wash their blankets as that would breakdown the fibers. 

To some, the idea of not being able to wash their blanket is horrible to think about.  I mean, you’d want to make sure something you’re likely to use daily is clean. Right?

Fortunately, this blanket offers you the means to do that.

What does that mean?

Well, this blanket gets softer after every wash. This, of course, is only if you follow the detailed instructions on how to wash the blanket. 

Apart from that, it comes in a plaid variety. So not only will you be provided with comfort, but you’ll also look great while getting warmth. 

Lastly, as far as size goes, it’s fairly large and weighs 4 lbs. When folded, however, it becomes more manageable to move around. 


  • 80% wool
  • Machine Washable
  • Plaid pattern for style


  • Not Merino Wool
  • Heavy


If you’ve wanted quality without having to spill out too much cash, this blanket seems like a great choice.

3. Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

Next up, for those that don’t like the plaid look and want something more simplistic, Arcturus also offers a wool survival blanket in a military gray color. While looks might not mean much to some, it’s an important issue to consider to others.

If I can be provided with warmth and comfort while still being able to look great, I’d take that option over the others in a heartbeat. This, however, always comes down to personal choice. 

The blanket’s quality is also similar as it is made with 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibers. In addition to that, the size and comfort level is also the same as the previous ones. 

Although, the blanket mentioned before had a problem with the washing process. Users claimed to experience excessive shedding when washing the blanket. Due to these concerns, Arcturus decided to triple wash the Military Wool Blanket during production. 

This way, you’ll be provided with a softer touch and less shedding than the previously mentioned blanket by Arcturus.

However, there’s a catch.

Even though Arcturus has tripled washed the wool but shedding might still occur.


  • 80% wool
  • Machine Washable
  • Triple Washed For Softer Touch and Less Shedding


  • Not Merino Wool
  • Shedding may still occur


Arcturus offers quality and comfort at an affordable price. Whether it’s for style or simplicity, a constant variable they provide is quality comfort. Although they’ve answered concerns of the previous blanket’s shedding problem with this one, it’s still in your best interest to keep in mind that shedding may still occur.

4. EverOne Grey Wool Blanket

Not everyone can afford expensive wool blankets for camping. Sometimes the budget is really limited. Whether you’ve already spent a lot on camping materials or you simply want something cheap, this EverOne Wool Fire Retardant Blanket is a blanket you should consider. 

It comes out as the cheapest blanket on this list. Now, you may be thinking, what’s the catch? Unfortunately, as most products go, the cheaper it is, the more you have to sacrifice. Does that mean you’re sacrificing a lot with this option? 

Not really.

In terms of build, this is one of the best wool blankets for camping that is made of 52% wool. While that may seem like a steep decline from the previous blankets, it’s nothing to scoff at for its price point. 

One benefit this brings is that it’s not as heavy as the previously mentioned blankets. So if you want something lightweight to take with you, this blanket comes in at 1.2 lbs. The size is great too, as it can provide warmth even to the tallest person you may know! You can even use it as a heated car blanket.

The best part of all?

So, if you don’t want to ruin your more expensive blanket or just need a backup one for the camping trip, this blanket offers a lot. 


  • 52% wool
  • Fire Retardant
  • Lightweight


  • Thin
  • May smell


If cost is a limiting factor in your decision-making process, then the EverOne Wool Fire Retardant Blanket is a great blanket to consider. Even if it’s a temporary purchase, it can be a great backup and still be good enough for daily use.

5. EKTOS Wool Blanket

When picking out a wool survival blanket for a camping trip, what matters is the blanket composition. I mean that the materials that make up the blanket are probably the most important issue on your mind. 

Is it even a wool blanket if it’s not made of enough wool? Will other blankets even compare?

I made sure to keep this in mind so that for those who care more about the blanket material, the EKTOS 90% Wool Blanket is sure to catch your eye.

As if that wasn’t enough,

It also loom-woven and hemmed to prevent any fraying. Has the issue of shedding mentioned for other blankets got you worried? This blanket is also triple washed during production to minimize the shedding as well as provide you with a soft touch. 

Another issue that comes up with wool blankets is the smell. Some can endure it, while others would rather not want to face a constant stench. 

EKTOS keeps this in mind by trying to provide you with the least amount of odor possible. If there’s still a lingering smell, a wash or two should take care of it no problem.  

Only downside?

Since it’s mostly wool, it is the heaviest blanket on the list weighing 4.5-5 lbs. 


  • 90% wool
  • Triple Washed to reduce shedding
  • Machine Washable
  • No unnecessary dyes or chemicals


  • Heaviest of all blankets


If the material is the most important issue you’re considering, the EKTOS 90% Wool Blanket is one of the top choices. It offers everything a premium blanket should, with the only downside being it may smell a bit, and it’s relatively heavy.

6. Arcturus Patterned Wool Blanket

What about the people who want it all? I, for one, would love something that mixes comfort, style, and most important of all, a good amount of wool. Well, good news for us, there’s always a product out there to satisfy. 

One issue some have with wool blankets is that they might not like the feel of it. I know for sure, the itchiness isn’t something I’d consider comfortable. So what if we met in the middle and kept the blanket mostly wool for the warmth and feel it provides and left the rest for the blanket’s durability and style?

The Arcturus Patterned Wool Blanket offers just that. It is made of 70% wool, with the other 30% made of hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. So, people with allergies can also use it.

This blanket is durable and allows it to be machine washable so that maintenance won’t be too much of a drag. 

As if that wasn’t enough,

It also comes in a great blue, white, and grey pattern. So, like other best wool blankets for camping available in the marketplace, it provides you with great warmth, and you’ll feel right at home even while camping. 

Best of all,

Since it contains less wool, shedding should not be too much of a problem when washing it. 

As far as I see it, if you want a mix of everything from style to build quality, Arcturus drives a hard bargain.


  • Great pattern for a more homey look
  • 70% wool
  • Machine Washable


  • Small chemical smell
  • Leans on the thinner side


Sometimes getting a sense of being at home can make or break a camping trip for you. If you want quality, functionality, and comfort, Arcturus makes it hard to look at other blankets. If you want a blanket by Arcturus, I’d lean more towards this particular one.

7. EverOne Olive Blanket

Last on the list comes the EverOne Olive 80% Wool Blanket. This option is more in mind for those that are on a budget but don’t want to purchase something too cheap. The EverOne Olive 80% Wool Blanket meets you in the middle with an affordable price. 

The good doesn’t stop there.

It also one of the largest blankets on the list. So if you want to share with someone, or you’re simply just tall, this blanket will provide enough cover and warmth. 

In terms of style, it comes in an olive coloration. It doesn’t stand out, but it isn’t too bad to look at either. If simplicity and function is your main concern, this blanket looks pretty good so far. 

So what else does it offer? 

Seeing as it’s mostly made of wool, it is naturally fire retardant, so you can sit around the campfire safely, knowing you have a blanket at hand to reduce the intensity of the fire should it come to that point. 

The only downside?

This wool blanket has a foul smell. Most wool blankets do, but it could prove to be too strong in the case of this blanket. Another downside is that it also produces a lot of lint, so you should probably look somewhere else if that’s something you hate. 


  • 80% wool
  • Large enough to cover a good amount of space
  • Decently lightweight
  • A good amount of thickness


  • Strong smell
  • Produces a lot of lint


Simplicity and functionality are all it takes for a blanket to look attractive when it comes to decision-making. If that’s what you’re looking for, then EverOne offers a blanket that seems great. Though, the smell and amount of lint it produces should be something you should consider. 

Buying Guide: Wool Blankets for Camping

Let’s be honest, and the market is filled with wool blankets for camping. And all of the companies claiming their product is better than their competitors. How can you find the product that is good for you and worth your money in a time like this?

Don’t forget, I have cracked the code. The process is simpler than you might’ve anticipated.

So, what is it?

Well, to find the perfect wool blanket for your next camping trip, follow the steps that I have mentioned below.

Size & Weight

When selecting a wool blanket or pretty much any product for camping, considering the said item’s size and weight is crucial. Yes, an XXL wool blanket would feel amazing and warm you up easily in the middle of the night. However, wool blanket backpacking and carrying a blanket that heavy will take out all the joy from your camping trip.

So, choose a blanket size that is big enough to warm you. For instance, if you are tall and bulky, then you’d need an extra-large blanket for sure. However, people who are small and petite can get away with using a smaller blanket.

Wool Percentage

If you are searching for a wool blanket for camping for quite a while, you might’ve noticed that these blankets are usually assigned with a percentage. For example, 80% wool blanket or 90% wool blanket. This percentage shows the number of wool fibers present in the finished product. I prefer 100% wool blankets. However, those are hard to come by. So, a 90% or 80% isn’t a bad deal either. Just make sure the wool percentage is higher than 50%.


Because at the end of the day, a blanket with more wool is going to be warmer than one with more synthetic fiber.


Let’s be honest, no one likes a high-maintenance product, let alone one that is supposed to be designed for camping. All the campers I know love items that are low-maintenance and easy to carry.

This is where most of the wool blankets fail.

Wool itself is self-cleaning. It even repels water. However, only true wool blankets possess this quality.

So, in short, a wool blanket with a higher wool percentage is low maintenance.

Secondly, you should consider the color of the blanket as well. It is common knowledge that a darker or tanner wool blanket would look cleaner even after multiple uses. Meanwhile, a light-colored blanket is prone to get dirty.


Campers go from place to place. They don’t have to face only the cool but all kinds of other situations. For a person like this, a durable wool blanket is the best shot.

But, how do you know if a blanket is durable?

Again, it comes down to the manufacturing and material. A blanket made of high-quality wool will last you long. Furthermore, make sure the blanket sides are seamed. Lastly, check the reviews.


Well, sometimes a blanket looks great, but it gets ruined after one wash. So, reading reviews of prior customers is a must.


Last but not least on my buying guide list is the budget. This one is also an obvious tip. However, most people assume the expensive the product, the better the quality. This is true most of the time. But with a little digging, you can find affordable products that offer the same if not better quality. So, when buying a wool blanket for camping, decide your budget beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wool blankets itchy?

No, this is a misconception that makes me roll my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, and some wool blanket does feel itchy. However, the problem here is not the wool but the lack thereof. To ensure your wool blanket doesn’t itch, get one that contains high-quality wool in a higher percentage.

Is a fleece blanket warmer than a wool blanket?

Fleece blankets are warm and good for average days. However, the warmth of a fleece blanket is not better than that of a wool one. Wool blankets provide better insulation, protection from wind and are even water-resistant.

Are wool blankets durable?

A well-made, high-quality wool blanket can last you for many years, so, yes, they are indeed durable. The reason behind its longevity is the natural wool fibers that are thick and long-lasting than most synthetic ones.

How to wash a camping wool blanket?

There are a few things to keep in mind when washing a wool blanket.

  • Don’t wash your wool blanket in the machine. Some blankets are machine-washable. But the majority isn’t. So, check the label beforehand.
  • Use cold water.
  • If you can get away with a spot cleaning during camping, do it instead of cleaning the whole blanket because they take days to dry.
  • Use chemical-free soaps.


These are the best wool blankets for camping of 2022. Choosing the right blanket will provide you with a better camping experience. With a bit of knowledge at hand, choosing the right fit won’t be as hard.

A good quality wool blanket for camping can enhance your experience. When choosing one for your next trip, consider the size, weight, durability, budget, and last but not least, the wool blanket price.