Chacos footwear fans know that Chacos footwears have the best features to make the experiences memorable when it comes to outdoor adventures. Choosing the right Chacos model to wear is one big headache as you don’t know which is most suitable. To help you out, here is a quick comparison of Chacos Unaweep vs Yampa, the best in the line to help you make a better decision.

Chacos Unaweep VS Chacos Yampa – The Ultimate Showdown

Chacos Unaweep Basic Features

Taking the Chaco Z1 Unaweep as our focal point, we shall look at the most prominent features of this unique footwear and each feature’s function.

The Chaco Unaweep is the perfect footwear for those who are into outdoor explorations of hiking, marshy and wet terrain adventures, and rocky mountainous regions. It is the perfect multisport footwear. Weighing about 1 lb. 14 oz, 0.5 KG, this unique open toe footwear comes with an upper webbing made of Polyester jacquard and is perfect for any sporting adventure as it provides its wearers with the right amount of foot comfort, plus it is super durable lasting against all odds despite the terrains. 

The sole’s make is made with Classic Pro series sole, which is made from rubber, a perfect choice when considering durability, comfort, and traction. In terms of foot support, the Chacos Unaweep comes with a LUVSEAT polyurethane sole that provides the perfect arch support giving wearers a great fit and a slip-free experience as it’s designed with a resistant classic diamond pattern for a more secure grip. 

Considering the water factor, the Chaco Unaweep has its outsole non-marked and fashioned with a Vibram TC-1 rubber and 4.5mm lugs for better traction, security and stability on land and most especially on water.

It also comes with an injection-molded ladder lock for a more secure hold and adjustable high tensile webbing heel risers within the sandal to give more support and comfort. 

Chacos Yampa Basic Features

Taking the Chaco Z2 Yampa as our focal point, we shall look at the most prominent features of this unique footwear and each feature’s function.

The Chacos Yampa is the perfect footwear for those who are into all kinds of terrain movements, water movements, and other activities like cycling, running, and so on. It is the fitting footwear for those who like that extra fitting and close contact secureness thanks to its wrap-around toe loop and buckle closure. It is super lightweight footwear weighing about 1lb 12 oz, 0.4KG, making it the right choice for every single activity, from outdoor activities to simple day-to-day movements. It is made from a full-on vegan textile material, durable and comfortable in every way possible. 

For the sole make, it comes with the Classic Pro series sole made from Vibram MegaGrip rubber, a perfect and reliable choice when considering durability, comfort, and traction. While its upper sole is made with a LUVSEAT footbed for better foot grip, and it’s designed with a resistant classic diamond pattern for a more secure and slip-free grip. Its midsole came with a unique make of LUVSEAT polyurethane footbed and infused with a ChaPUT technology for heightened comfort.

Considering the water factor, the Chaco Yampa has its outsole fashioned with a lightweight Vibram TC-1 non-marking rubber and 3mm lugs, which features a water drainage channel, all for better traction and durability on land, and most especially on water. 

Added to its list of features is its Fast-drying polyester webbing, which allows easy and fast-paced drying whenever you have a water encounter, and it is surprisingly machine washable. 

Fitting and Adjustability 

In the case of the Chacos Unaweep, it comes in a wide range of sizes allowing you to choose that which fits you perfectly. To top that, its injection-molded ladder lock allows the sandal to fit and hold to your feet, preventing slip-offs, and can be adjusted and re-adjusted as you see fit. 

Not to forget the fact that it has a single connected criss-cross strap with a buckle made from polyester webbing, which dries fast and easily, leaving the feet dry at all times. Although it is an open toe, and downhill movements may seem a bit of an issue, the overall strapping secures the foot in place and gives you a comfortable moving experience. 

In the case of the Chacos Yampa, asides from coming in a range of sizes and colors to fit not only your feet but also your personality, it comes with the particular big toe loop that allows for extra secure fitting within the sandal, allowing the wearer to have an added grip, especially when going downhill or climbing. To add to that, it comes with a strap with buckles interconnected together in a criss-cross manner and made from polyester webbing, which provides a long-lasting hold and dries fast, giving wearers a dry experience. Asides from that, the strap is highly adjustable. It allows for a whole feet secureness and fitting. Even in cases where there are issues with the toe fitting, adjusting the footwear’s overall body straps allows for a better fit. 

Grip and Firmness

In the ultimate showdown of yampa vs unaweep, there are apparent differences when it comes to its level of grip and firmness, especially with the features and specifications adapted into each one of them to make it possible. 

In the case of the Chacos Unaweep, being the kind of footwear that allows you to enjoy that outdoor adventure terrain movement, it is sure that the grip and firmness are top-notch. Fitted with a Vibram TC-1 rubber sole allows its wearers to move easily without hindrance on almost every terrain, be it muddy areas, rocky mountains, and water-filled regions.

It has an excellent grip, thanks to the outsole and its footbed contour come with flatter soles that allow for easy carriage, last longer, and allows for firmness on wet surfaces that could otherwise cause slippery accidents. 

For the Chacos Yampa, the first signs of good grip and firmness are its lightweight Vibram TC-1 non-marking rubber, which, asides from being lightweight and easy to carry, allows for excellent traction in every terrain, be it on land and with rocky and rugged landscapes or in water with marshy and super slippery paths. 

Unlike the Chacos Unaweep, the yampa has a superior grip and firmness feature, the water drainage channel present in the lugs that allow easy expelling of water and better control of the grip giving you better traction and stability when moving. Asides from this, the footwear’s lugs also allow for better stability giving wearers a full-on grip comfortable grip experience at all times. 

Comfort Level 

Chacos footwears are generally known for their comfort. As a manufacturing company that is after the best for its consumers, the level of comfort only keeps increasing with every new model. And in the ultimate war of Chacos Unaweep vs Yampa, the comfort level speaks volumes. 

For the Chacos Unaweep, comfort is assured with its midsole made from LUVSEAT polyurethane. Wearers experience a squishy, fluffy, comfortable feeling every time they slip their feet into this sandal. Considering that it does not have a wrap-around toe loop, it compensates with a very high arch for foot types that need that sort of free reign support. 

For the Chacos Yampa, comfort is assured and taken to a whole new level as it’s a little bit more comfortable than the Chacos Unaweep. Its lightweight feature already allows for easy carriage, making the overall wearing experience comfortable. To top that, its midsole made from LUVSEAT polyurethane also comes infused with ChaPUT technology, which heightens the level of comfort. The wrap-around toe loop is perfect for those who are after extra fitting comfort and prefer to have a better grip. This makes it suitable for longer hikes and camping as wearers can enjoy the sandals’ comfort without worrying about their feet. 

Water Resistance

On the level of water resistance features, both the Chacos Unaweep and Chacos Yampa are water-resistant. 

In the case of the Unaweep, it is water-resistant to a certain level. It is polyester webbing, which allows a quick dry to help the sandal expel water quickly, but not totally. It sometimes traps in water and doesn’t dry out fast. 

For the Chacos Yampa, the water-resistant feature is top-notch and advanced. Its lugs come fitted with a water drainage channel that allows for faster dispelling of water within the sandals and does not allow water to remain trapped within it for long. But unlike in the case of the chaco yampa vs classicl, the yampa does not come with an Antimicrobial application for odor control.


When it comes to value and pricing, each product has its based on features and special fittings. 

For Chacos Unaweep, the pocket value is a bit expensive compared to other Chacos sandals in the market and despite its cons. 

For the Chacos Yampa, the overall value is relatively cheap despite its many features and select add-ons.  

Final Verdict 

In the ultimate showdown of Chacos Unaweep vs Yampa, the best choice ultimately boils down to what you are looking for and what you need in a Chacos sandal. Considering each aspect listed above, both the Chacos Unaweep and Chacos Yampa have specific features that make them stand out in different situations and needs. All you need to do now is analyze what you want; open toe or wrap-around toe strap, lightweight or not, expensive or cheap, it all depends on your choice.